Photo of 19 year-old Brittney holding a sign at the beach which reads, Don't listen to peer pressure. I started at age 16.  Lexington, SC

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Nicotine Addiction Warning Signs

  1. Have tried quitting but couldn't
  2. Smoke now because it's really hard to quit
  3. Feel that you might be addicted
  4. Have felt strong cravings to smoke
  5. Have felt like you really needed a cigarette
  6. Want to smoke in places you're not supposed to
  7. Hard to concentrate when you haven't smoked
  8. Feel irritable when you haven't smoked in a while
  9. Feel a strong need to smoke when you haven't smoked
  10. Nervous, restless or anxious because you couldn't smoke

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The above photo is owned and was taken by John R. Polito on September 2, 2006. Brittany has consented to her photo's use in association with any not-for-profit non-commercial youth smoking prevention or cessation education effort, as does John R. Polito, so long as the photo's use is accompanied by accrediation to Link to higher resolution version.

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