Photo of 28 year-old Chip holding a sign which reads, 'Quit now or when you are my age, 28, it will be very hard to quit, cough, cough.'
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Chip's college roomate gave him that first fateful cigarette. It was while tailgating before the Ball State vs. South Carolina football game in 1998. Not only would the U.S.C. fighting Gamecocks lose their next 21 straight football games, Chip would find himself a slave to smoking nicotine. A pack-a-day smoker of a Philip Morris brand called "Basic," Chip has repeatedly tried to quit smoking and failed.

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The above photo is owned and was taken byJohn R. Polito on June 9, 2005. Chip has consented to his photo's use in association with any not-for-profit non-commercial youth smoking prevention or cessation education effort, as does John R. Polito, so long as the photo's use is accompanied by accrediation to Link to higher resolution version.

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