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We are a cold turkey nicotine cessation forum. Key to permanent abstinence is understanding and acceptance of the Law of Addiction. Our primary objective is to motivate, educate and support successful nicotine cessation. Our primary focus is to assist new quitters through peak withdrawal, the first 3 days of recovery.

Why are we a cold turkey site? Because educated cold turkey recovery works. Cold turkey is the method that each year generates more long-term successful ex-users than all other methods combined (Doran 2006 and July 2013 Gallup Poll). Cold turkey has prevailed over approved quitting products in nearly all real-world quitting method surveys conducted to date (Polito 2012). If serious about breaking nicotine's grip upon your life, and you think that we are right for you, join us!

Message Posting Requirements

TURKEYVILLE POSTING PRIVILEGES ARE EXCLUSIVELY FOR COLD TURKEY QUITTERS - Please do not post any message at Turkeyville if currently using any form of nicotine, as we are a 100% nicotine-free support group. Turkeyville is for "cold turkey" quitters only, for those who have abruptly ended all use of nicotine, without use of any quitting product or procedure. If still using nicotine or you have relapsed, Turkeyville's volunteer staff is available to assist with questions or concerns at facebook@whyquit.com.

What is NOT Cold Turkey: "Cold turkey" does not include anyone attempting to break free from their nicotine delivery device by use of replacement nicotine products (NRT: the nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, spray or inhaler), by use of Chantix, Champix or Zyban, by use of e-cigarettes (even if nicotine-free), or by use of smokeless nicotine products, herbs, acupuncture, laser therapy, hypnosis, injections, or by any gradual nicotine weaning scheme. Also, in that Chantix, Champix (varenicline) and Zyban (bupropion) remain in your system for up to 30 days after ending use (which may cause side effects requiring medical intervention), during those 30 days former varenicline or bupropion users who stop using that product and quit cold turkey are NOT permitted to post messages at Turkeyville.

Exceptions: The only exceptions to the above "cold turkey" definition are: (1) those who briefly toyed with replacement nicotine, e-cigarettes, smokeless nicotine or gradual weaning in beginning their quitting attempt and then realized the insanity of continued nicotine use; and (2) those who were prescribed bupropion for reasons other than quitting. Please do not post a message to our group if you see yourself as having two quitting dates or if you have convinced yourself that gradual nicotine weaning, or toying with a new form of nicotine delivery or any quitting product, has been beneficial, as by Turkeyville's definition you are NOT a cold turkey quitter.

Message Posting Requirements Continue - Use of any product or procedure after joining, which would have prohibited membership at the time of joining, will result in loss of group messaging privileges.

Facebook Privacy Alert

Turkeyville is a public group. Messages you post at Turkeyville can be read by all Facebook members and may also appear on your Facebook social network. Based at Yuku, while our free sister support group Freedom (www.ffn.yuku.com) is also a public group, when joining Freedom you can create a Yuku account and pick a profile (username) that provides greater privacy.


RULE COMPLIANCE - Continuing membership in WhyQuit's Facebook group is conditioned upon compliance with the below group Rules, and violation may result in permanent loss group messaging privileges.

RULE VIOLATIONS - Turkeyville's rules are strictly and evenly enforced. Turkeyville's rules are strictly and evenly enforced. Administrators reserve the right to delete any post or comment without warning or explanation. Our rules can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/whyquitcom-a-cold-turkey-quitting-forum/our-groups-rules/10151954578423804

NO MEDICAL ADVICE - Members may not solicit or render medical advice, nor invite members to comment on the appropriateness of treatment or medications. While the site openly shares information regarding symptoms commonly experienced during withdrawal and recovery, no member can know for certain whether any symptom being experienced by a member is or is not related to quitting. If you have any question in your mind regarding any lingering health concern, including depression or mental health, seek medical assistance. If not satisfied with your physician's advice seek a second opinion. We are not physicians or doctors but students and teachers of nicotine cessation.

NO MESSAGES CONTRARY TO PHYSICIAN ADVICE - Facebook messaging privileges shall be immediately terminated if a member posts or notifies management that their doctor or health care provider advises them not to quit smoking at this time, or to follow a quitting plan other than cold turkey. Allowing any member to remain following such a disclosure would mean that this forum is acting contrary to the physician's advice. WhyQuit's Facebook group exists to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a site visitor or member and his/her physician. Do not rely upon any information at this site to replace individual consultations with your doctor or other qualified health care provider.

NO SMOKING SUBSTITUTE QUITTING AIDS - Whether herbal or nicotine-free, use of any inhalation product or device as a substitute for the act of smoking is prohibited. WhyQuit's Facebook group is an abrupt cessation site both as to the physical and psychological aspects of dependency. Substitutes can mimic and prolong psychological dependency. Additionally, some inhalation products claiming to be nicotine-free have been found to contain nicotine.

NO MEDICATION, HERB, EXERCISE OR DIETING RECOMMENDATIONS - Members are not permitted to render advice or make recommendations on these topics. If you have specific health concerns, medication or herb questions, or need exercise or dieting assistance, please seek the assistance of qualified professionals. WhyQuit's Facebook group is a nicotine cessation forum staffed entirely by cessation educators who are not physicians, pharmacists or dietitians.

HURT FEELINGS - MEMBER ATTACKS - Words on a screen are not always received in the same spirit and tone as intended. English is not the primary language of 73% of humans. Most of us are not professional writers or skilled communicators. If you ever feel hurt, offended or concerned by any member message either message the member privately for clarification or contact Staff at Facebook@WhyQuit.com.

OPINION DEBATES - WhyQuit's Facebook group is a nicotine-free cold turkey support group. We know who we are! This group is for giving and receiving support. It is not a place to engage in debate over our approach to cessation, or any other topic that would tend to divide or weaken the group's primary mission, to help members remain nicotine-free today.

RELIGIOUS REFERENCES - WhyQuit's Facebook group members come from the world stage where, whether we like it or not, serious religious conflicts divide people, nations and regions. Religious divisions and debate are contrary to the unity and focus needed to foster the unconditional group cohesiveness required to meet the education and support needs of all members. While members are free to mention or thank God or a higher power, references that identify a particular religion or that reference specific religious teachings are not permitted.

PROFANITY - WhyQuit's Facebook group is a family channel with teens and children around the world being encouraged to visit and learn what nicotine dependency is all about. Neither profanity nor implied profanity (missing letters, missing words or substitute symbols) will be permitted. In marketing this group as a youth dependency teaching tool, our definition of profanity is rather broad. Generally, if you would question or hesitate using the word while addressing a large group of ten-year-olds then we ask that you refrain from using it here.

ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS - WhyQuit is a drug addiction recovery site. Some of our members have multiple drug dependencies which they may or may not have under arrest. Celebratory use references to alcohol or other drugs are not permitted. For example, we do not toast success at ending nicotine use by references to consumption of alcohol.

PERSONAL ISSUES - If any member ever feels that their quit is threatened by a factual situation then feel free to share the basic facts in your request for help. Posting details associated with personal issues, relationships, or controversial lifestyle choices or that express personal opinions on such issues as religion, gambling, drinking, drug use, marital problems, premarital or extramarital affairs, sexual orientation, sex, gun control, child rearing problems, caring for the elderly, politics, and a host of other real life issues, does nothing to promote the group's mission and is not appropriate. Such real life issues exist for all of group members. No one should ever feel that their inability to air such issues will in any way impede his or her ability to stay nicotine-free.

GENERAL SOCIALIZATION - Messages celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or national or religious holidays shall be removed. Why? Because tobacco will kill one billion before century's end. Every message needs to reflect on the seriousness and importance of arresting our dependence upon nicotine and ending our gradual self-destruction. Every Turkeyville message must be related to giving and receiving nicotine cessation support. There are thousands of fun sites on the Internet that were built for socializing. Please help us keep this group a serious and supportive site that remains focused exclusively on a single topic, freedom from nicotine.

SOLICITING OR SPAMMING - RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PROGRAMS, TAPES , BOOKS OR PRODUCTS - MENTIONING PRODUCT NAMES - Even though often well intended these practices are prohibited. WhyQuit's Facebook group is a totally free site with no purchases necessary. No message may contain any product brand names or any product recommendations. However, in that we are a nicotine dependency recovery forum, members may use nicotine, tobacco or cessation product brand names.

NO OFF-SITE LINKS OR CONTENT EXCEPT FOR WHYQUIT'S SITES - Members shall not post links, content, articles or lessons from any website other than WhyQuit.com, Joel's Library, Joel's YouTube videos, Turkeyville or from Freedom from Nicotine, our sister support site. Members may post content appropriate photos and images. If you have a news item or other article of interest, please forward the link to john@whyquit.com for possible inclusion on WhyQuit's Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Any message in violation of this rule shall be deleted.



SUPPORT - A support group is a two way street of both giving and receiving. There is no support without givers. It feels great when a post of support is acknowledged.

CRISIS POSTING - Post to the group should you ever feel that your recovery is threatened. Don't head for an ashtray, a pack, tin, pouch, NRT, e-cigarette, any nicotine delivery device, another user or a store. Head for the group and share a quick and simple post seeking help. Also, once the threat has passed be sure to immediately post back so that members are not left with the false impression that your crisis continues. Our group's messages should reflect the true current state of affairs.

This link is to our welcome message. Our sincere
thanks in advance for adhering to the group's rules.

Turkeyville's Staff

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