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Freedom's Mission Statement

We are a cold turkey education and support forum that understands that the key to permanent abstinence is understanding. Why are we a cold turkey site? Because we know that educated cold turkey quitting works.  Cold turkey is the method that each year generates more long-term successful ex-users than all other quitting methods combined.[1]  Cold turkey has prevailed  over government approved quitting products in nearly all real-world quitting method surveys conducted to date.[2] 

If you are serious about breaking nicotine's grip upon your life and think that we are right for you, join us! You will find like-minded people who are all off of nicotine and for the most part happy about it. If we are not right for you please do not join. It would be like joining a religious group in order to convert all of their existing followers to your belief or joining a political party for the sole purpose of having all of its members vote for the opposing party candidate. When a person joins a group under these terms they are not joining a group, they are trying to subvert the group. This is an act of hostility not an act of support or camaraderie.

We are hostile to no one, not even to the tobacco industry or pharmaceutical companies who have different agendas than ours. They exist because they want you to use their products. We exist because you want to stop using them. We are not here to try to make anyone stop using their products either. We are here to help people stop using nicotine because they have already decided to do so.

We are here to help nicotine users who have come to a point in their life that they want to stop and want help doing it -- people who have already picked their plan of action. They have chosen to go cold turkey and want to know what to expect and how to stay focused. That is what we are going to be doing now, helping them maintain their focus.

We help people understand why they used nicotine, how important it is to stop using it, how to break free and most importantly, how to stay free.  Many nicotine users who quit at one time or another in their life, some for many years or even decades, relapse.  Each did so for one reason and one reason only, they allowed nicotine back into their bloodstream.  It's likely that they either did not understand the Law of Addiction or never learned about it to begin with.

We explain nicotine dependency, how to arrest it and provide a forum which brings together like-minded quitters from around the globe.  We live by one simple principal here at Freedom: we stay free by staying nicotine-free. No one can relapse without using nicotine.  In fact, it's  impossible to be a user again without using. 

So there you have it, what we are in a nutshell. We are a group of people who share one thing in common. We have decided that today we will not put nicotine into our bodies. Our pasts may be different but our future intent is the same.  We are committed to never using nicotine again!


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[2] Polito JR, Are those who quit smoking paying with their lives because of NRT’s failure? British Medical Journal, 2012; 344, doi: 10.1136/bmj.e886 (Published 7 February 2012); Polito JR,   Meta-analysis rooted in expectations not science, E-Letter, Canadian Medical Association Journal, July 29, 2008, http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/eletters/179/2/135#19781 This letter was published in condensed form with only one quitting method survey references at: Polito JR, Smoking cessation trials, Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 2008, Volume 179, Pages 1037-1038; also see meta-analysis editors' rebuttal at Filion, KB et al, Smoking cessation trials, Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 4, 2008, Volume 179, Page 1038.; also see rebuttal to editors;  Polito JR, Why cessation blinding concerns differ from other clinical trials, E-Letter, Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 9, 2008, http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/eletters/179/10/1038#26129 .

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