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Imagine having your very own stop smoking coach, one of the world's best. More than 4 Million of Joel's free videos had been watched as of April 24, 2013. Collectively, they capture nearly all lessons that were presented by Joel during his 13-day, 12 hour clinic program.

This page shares Joel's quitting videos which have been recorded in MP3 format or in higher resolution for those having broadband high-speed service. All videos shown below also have YouTube versions viewable at the above two links.

Also, many of Joel's video lessons are incorporated into his Daily Quitting Lesson Guide. All of the below videos can also be accessed using Joel's YouTubeFeatured Playlist, or by selecting individual lessons from the complete list of video and audio lessons in Joel's Library. Watch as many as possible. Discover what happens once we become more dependency recovery savvy than our addiction is strong!

The below lessons are presented in 3 formats: Dial-Up (DU) - as smaller video files for those with slower dial-up Internet connections; High Speed (HS) - as larger higher quality videos for those with high speed or broadband Internet access; and MP3 - as audio files for use on MP3 players. Numbers under each category is the file size in megabytes (MB). All videos will play on Windows Media Player.

Video Title & MP3 Link
Intro to Joel's stop smoking video library - 1.81.11110:05
Using these videos to quit smoking - 5.04.01211:07
Smoking's Costs
Money wasted on cigarettes - 06:03
The Palmolive bottle demonstration - 3.6 2.8 1907:45
Learning how to inhale - 2.1 1.7 1704:38
Heart and circulatory diseases -
Lung cancer -
How smoking destroys the lungs - 1.91.6 4.604:13
Premature deaths caused by smoking - 5.7 1.83.612:33
Addiction to Nicotine
Why do smokers smoke? - 8.3 2.7 5.718:08
Addiction - the Surgeon General says ... - 5.54.41312:00
Criteria of addiction - 5.14.11211:06
"I don't need to smoke" - 4.83.91110:29
"Why did I ever start smoking?" (original) - 1.51.2 1203:22
People in recovery from other addictions - 4.03.2 9.708:50
Quit Smoking Methods, Products and Programs
How did the people you know quit? 2.31.919 05:10
Quitting by gradual withdrawal - 3.3 2.47.607:13
My first encounter with NRT - 6.74.01614:37
Candid, detailed views of Chantix/Champix - 22 18 5348:16
Use Rationalizations
Fear of quitting smoking - 5.04.112 11:08
"I don't want to quit smoking" - 8.1 6.52017:40
"I'll smoke anywhere I want" -
"I can't drink alcohol without a cigarette" - 1.71.41303:43
"I'm safe from smoking because of
my genetics?" - 4.3
3.5 1009:24
"I can't quit or I won't quit"? - 10 6.328 22:15
"I'll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit" - 4.83.911 10:30
"I have to smoke when I talk on the phone" - 3.42.82807:30
"I'll never be as productive again if I quit" - 63 3.09.008:01
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit!" - 5.94.81413:05
"I'm not joining this clinic" - 5.74.614 12:33
How to Stop
Make a list of why you want to quit -
Avoid blood sugar symptoms - 2.52.020 05:31
Telling others that you have quit -
The Recovery Process
Starting day one of your quit -
Starting day two of your quit - 2.31.8 5.405:10
Starting day three of your quit -
Starting day four of your quit - 4.53.61109:58
Starting day five of your quit - 04:50
Starting day six of your quit - 4.53.611 09:59
Starting week two of your quit -
Getting on with the rest of your life - 4.23.41009:21
Dreams of smoking -
The emotional stages of loss - 3.83.03008:18
"Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes?" 4.94.01110:47
Weight control concerns after
quitting smoking - 20
Quitting may lead to other
self-improvements - 1.4
Common Recovery Pitfalls
Carrying cigarettes -
"What bad habit should I replace it with?" - 2.31.91805:04
"I want one!" -
Talking to others about not smoking - 7.05.61615:13
"I know I will quit smoking!" - 3.02.42306:30
Getting colds and flus after quitting - 4.6 1.5 11 10:04
Avoiding situations where you
used to smoke - 5.8
Dealing with people who try to
undercut your quit - 8.0
Recovery Symptoms
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" - 2.41.91905:13
Common symptoms - 2.72.22105:55
Does smoking cause my headaches? -
Relapse Prevention and Complacency
Who wants to go back to smoking? - 3.22.6 2507:05
"I don't feel any better since I quit!" - 3.93.23108:39
"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it" - 4.73.81210:24
"I am climbing the walls because I quit" - 3.8 2.78.608:23
What is your quit smoking mantra? - 5.8 8.614 12:47
"If I relapse I'll smoke until it kills me" - 2.41.6 4.405:11
The only time I think of smoking is when
I get one of your stupid letters - 3.9
About my work and materials
How I started running quit smoking clinics - 4.83.938 10:32

Sincere thanks to Nelson A. (Skip) Coash for
converting .wmv files to .mp3 format in late 2007.


MP3 audio stop smoking counseling

Joel's MP3 Audio Counseling Download

The link below requires high speed Internet access as it allows one-step downloading of a large 264MB zipped file containing Joel's original 64 audio quitting lessons, 11 hours of listening. Depending on your Internet connection speed, the download time may take from 30 to 60 minutes. All you need to do is download the file, unzip it and load the individual (unzipped) files into your MP3 player. Our thanks to David King, who at 42 days into his own recovery created this zipped file in December 2009.

Download 264MB Zipped MP3 File


Joel's Jukebox

Joel's Jukebox

This link to Joel's Jukebox takes you to an extremly fast online MP3 audio player that allows for easy listening of Joel's audio stop smoking lessons. Our thanks to HWC for building this page.

Joel at clinic graduation night at two weeks into his full clinic.

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