Banner for getting on with life after having quit smoking while avoiding relapse by making it a practice to engage in periodic reinforcement

Moving on yet avoiding relapse by periodic reinforcement
of your personal commitment to Never Take Another Puff!

Joel at clinic graduation night following a 6 session, two weeks stop smoking clinic. Each session was two hours.

Congratulations! By the end of week two you are starting to realize that everything you did as a smoker can be done as well as or better as an ex-smoker. It's a fact you likely didn't believe when you took that first bold step toward freedom.

Get Windows Media PlayerThe below "moving on" and relapse prevention lessons will aid in avoiding relapse by reinforcing your original commitment to Never Take Another Puff. The lessons are presented in at least one of four formats: Dial-Up - as small video files for those with slower dial-up Internet connections; HS/BB - as larger videos for those with high speed or broadband Internet access; YouTube - as fast loading video clips stored at the siteas smaller audio; and MP3 - as audio files for use on MP3 players. All files except for the YouTube files will play on Windows Media Player. You can click on this icon to download a Windows Media Player.

Video Title
Getting on with the rest of your life UTube 3.39mb 10.1mb 4.22mb 09:21 11/27/06
"The only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid letters" UTube 3.16mb 9.45mb 3.87mb 08:36 11/27/06
"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it" UTube 3.83mb 11.5mb 4.73mb 10:24 11/08/06
Who wants to go back to smoking? UTube 2.61mb 25.9mb 3.22mb 07:05 09/28/06
"If I relapse I'll smoke until it kills me" UTube 1.58mb 04.4mb 2.37mb 05:11 02/25/07
Life goes on without smoking UTube   08:12 12/15/11
Using cigarettes as rewards [corrective thinking] UTube   04:16 02/06/14
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" [Part 2] UTube   11:33 07/22/11
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking!" UTube 4.82mb 14.4mb 5.94mb 13:05 11/28/06
Going back to normal after quitting smoking UTube   10:08 10/24/11
Unexpected benefit after quitting UTube   07:45 10/12/11
"Got through New Years! Boy, I deserve a cigarette for that!" UTube   06:32 01/01/12
Predestined bad days UTube   05:15 12/01/11
Be prepared for holiday triggers UTube   11:02 11/24/11
Terrible 3s UTube   07:52 10/15/11
What is your quit smoking mantra? UTube 8.60mb 14.0mb 5.79mb 12:47 11/17/06
The lucky ones get hooked UTube   09:35 11/30/11
Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process? UTube   13:14 11/29/11
Short funny story UTube   04:05 10/14/11
Watching others smoke UTube   09:33 10/13/11
"What should I call myself?"UTube 07:5408/04/12
New reactions to angerUTube 09:1508/09/12
Incorporating exercise after quittingUTube 03:5509/21/12

Commitment Reinforcement and
Relapse Prevention Reading

For a listing of all of the dangers of smoking, to learn more about how to quit or for additional relapse prevention articles explore WhyQuit and Joel's Library

Daily Quitting Lesson Guide

starting your quit
Day one of stopping smoking nicotine Day four of stopping smoking nicotine
Day two of stopping smoking nicotine Day five of stopping smoking nicotine
Day three of stopping smoking cigarettes Day six of quitting smoking
The second week of stopping smoking nicotine

Joel Spitzer has provided smoking cessation and prevention services since 1972, first as a volunteer speaker and then a member of the professional staff of the American Cancer Society. Later he served as smoking programs coordinator for the Rush North Shore Medical Center's Good Health Program, and then as a consultant for the Skokie Illinois Health Department and the Evanston Department of Health and Human Services, providing state funded smoking cessation clinics and seminars for the two Chicago suburban communities. Here at WhyQuit, Joel has served as education director since June 2000.

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