NRT addiction

“I am afraid I might get addicted to my nicotine replacement therapy”

My first encounter with NRT

Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine

Keeping NRT in case of emergency

The President and nicotine gum

“Miracle” aids for quitting smoking

Prolonging nicotine withdrawal

30 years of nicotine gum

NRT and Quitmeters

Hey, I’m talking to you

Since many people think of electronic cigarettes as just another form of NRT, the following videos address electronic cigarette issues:

First television ads for electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and harm reduction

Is your nicotine free electronic cigarette actually nicotine free?

Electronic cigarette users having a harder time when quitting smoking

Dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

E-cigs as effective as nicotine patches

Gallup Poll: Most quitters credit cold turkey

Our views on the need for harm reduction

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