Update to additional resources for my videos

Video describes enhancements I have made in the video description section so as to make for easier access to additional resource materials we have here at the YouTube channel and at WhyQuit.com.

For full index of recently created topics go to http://whyquit.com/joels-videos/

Most important quitting related issue raised in this video is the fact that we were heading into the holiday season. Resources related to this issue:
Holiday related resources
Gives you an example of how one page gives additional related article and video links.

Examples of single pages linking to various videos and articles addressing important quitting and relapse prevention issues:

Resources related to the implications of a puff once you have quit

Can you spare about an hour and a half to help to save your life?

How to quit smoking

Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit
Gives a good example of how one page with one video links to various other pages that give lots of background material. Most of the other pages link back to YouTube channel or WhyQuit article. This page illustrates how I hope to have most pages eventually set up, where they link to other pages in the joels-videos directory that have resource materials from YouTube, WhyQuit.com and the Freedom from Nicotine board commentaries.

The following links are to YouTube videos that touch on other issues I have raised in today’s new video:

Previous video that started to explain specific links not working

Video discussing current problems I have getting notified to comments on the YouTube channel

February discussion as to how I was then handling comments to the YouTube channel

August video explaining how I was taking a hiatus from the YouTube channel

One month hiatus update video

Video where I started to explain problem we were encountering at the Freedom from Nicotine channel

Video explaining why we stopped taking in new members at the Freedom from Nicotine board

December 2016 video “Why now is not the time to try to join the Freedom from Nicotine site”
You can see that we had problems going back for well over a year