“Why should I quit smoking? I could just get run over by a truck.”

Video describes one of the most common and most ridiculous rationalizations that smokers often express as to why they don’t feel it is really necessary to quit smoking.

A little additional commentary:

In the comments section a subscriber wrote:

“A very common one you hear from nearly all smokers! Lol.”

I responded with this:

“I used to hear it all of the time when I was doing live clinics. For a while I had a fifth floor office overlooking two major street intersections where I was conducting my clinics. I would always tell my groups how I spent most of the days I was doing my calls just watching out the window to see if I could ever get a glimpse of the homicidal truck driver who seemed to be menacing our village taking out so many of our former smoking citizens. In all of the years I never witnessed such an incident–although I did catch a few fender benders but don’t recall anyone getting very seriously hurt while I was watching.”

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