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Did you quit smoking nicotine cold turkey? 
Have you remained 100% nicotine-free for at least 1 year?

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Year after year, more successful long term ex-users quit smoking cold turkey than by all other stop smoking methods combined. Yet, when have any of us ever seen a commercial or advertisement recommending cold turkey quitting or celebrating how the vast majority succeed? Cold turkey is fast, free, safe, science-based, productive and effective.

Cold turkey's champions are the hundreds of millions of worldwide ex-users who have mastered one guiding principle ... no nicotine just one day at a time! Below are the personal messages of hundreds who each quit cold turkey and have remained 100% nicotine-free for at least one full year.

Regardless of the method used to introduce nicotine into your bloodstream, if you quit cold turkey and have remained free for at least one year, we invite you to share your victory message with all dreaming of following in your footsteps!  Thanks for becoming part of the team!

Only one rule ... no nicotine today, Never Take Another Puff, Dip or Chew!


# Date Our Statement of Fact - Our Message of Hope
669 10/12/14

I stumbled on Whyquit.com when I was wasting time on the Internet at work. Shhh ;)

I was instantly engrossed - I couldn't get enough of the stories & information! After a couple hours or so of reading I realized I was a couple hours into my QUIT! When I finally peeled myself away from the computer, I went out to my car and threw away all my smokes (most of a brand new carton!!!) and all my lighters. Thankfully it was a Friday, so I sequestered myself in my house over the weekend to get my 72hr withdrawal over with. Over the next few weeks I learned how to do everything without a cig. Then, I realized I wasn't having cravings anymore and EVERYTHING was better: food, breaks at work, time with friends & family, sex, sleep... everything!!!

I don't even remember how many years ago that was. Before that day, cigs completed me; I didn't see how people could live without smoking. After that day, I realized the ONLY way to live is without smoking!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

-Amanda Stevens

668 10/06/14

The last time I wrote on this page was at number 416 on the 12/18/11. I predicted, then, that I, although not being able to 'look into the future', was quite sure that I would never take another puff again.

So here we are 5 years and one day after my initial last puff, and boy am I glad to be able to tell you all that I am still free of nicotine and foes.

Please be all encouraged to do the right thing.

Being scared is fine, being anxious is okay, being worried is not a problem. IT WILL STOP! Just do not let your brain trick you, remind yourself why you want to be free and DO it! All the best folks, from sunny Scotland


667 10/06/14

My name is Sheila, and I am a nicotine addict. I have stopped nicotine for 11 months 30 days 36 minutes and 51 seconds or 364 days. I have not smoked 7281 death sticks and saved $2032.63. I have saved 25 days 6 hours and 46 minutes of my life.

Sheila Givens-Pinckney

666 10/04/14

Yesterday was 1 year!! Thank you WhyQuit forum I couldn't have done it without your help!!

Marilyn Owsley Allen

665 09/30/14

Yeaaaaaa I did it and I am a lovely gold colour today!!! I can't believe I have done this after all those post, crying etc lol but I made it. This quit was it, after all those decades of smoking and now 2500 pounds better off . Whoop whoop, I did it!!!!!

Sharon Howard

664 09/26/14

I have been quit for 1 Year, 7 hours, 7 minutes and 39 seconds (365 days). I have saved $2,465.74 by not smoking 10,958 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 hour and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 9/25/2013 4:10 PM

Heather Damewood

663 09/23/14

One year ago today, I smoked my last cigarette! Never take another puff and one day (hour) at a time works!!! It was not always easy, but whenever I hit a rough patch, I would come here to read and watch the videos. Thank you all for being here.

Christina Clark

662 08/19/14

I have now been one year stop smoking cold turkey. I had stopped smoking before for a year and a half, cold turkey but one stressful day I went back to smoking again for a few years.

One day I was rushed into hospital where I stayed for a week. I was too ill to smoke. However as I was ready to be discharged I could easily leave and light up. I walk out of the hospital and saw a man, mid thirties, skinny, looking very ill with a hospital gown on with blood down it. He was holding on to his portable drip with one hand and puffing a cigarette in the other. I thought how pathetic, I was controlled by the cigarette.

I spent £50 a week on fags, for what? Bad breathe, yellow teeth, a constant cough? Then, I decided I would not smoke today. Every Friday I would take the fifty pound I would have spent on fags and buy myself something. My advice to anyone stopping smoking cold turkey is take one day at a time. Remember after a few days there is no nicotine in your body, but your brain wants that feeling and will try to manipulate to into smoking. Think of the money you have gained. If you have a really bad craving it won't last, distract yourself. I don't know why but liquorice really helps.

I know if I have 1 ciggy I will be a smoker again. Now 1 year on, I don't really think about smoking. I don't crave it. At the beginning it feel like it is a battle to end the day without giving in. I have won the war and so can you. I smoked for 20 years. I've wasted so much money. This website really help me when I nearly gave in. Thanks.


661 08/18/14

Just wanted to share with you my deepest thanks for your ongoing commitment to freedom from nicotine. 13 years ago I quit smoking and the information and support found on WhyQuit.com was instrumental to my success. In the past 13 years I've referred many to this site and hope they have found the freedom I have. Thank you for all you do!

Venita Spacht aka GumGal
Quit date 8/18/01

660 08/06/14

Thanks so much for this wonderful site. I quit chewing tobacco 7/17/2010. I think that for the first few months I would come to the site daily to remind and encourage me why I was quitting.


659 08/05/14

Each year I like to thank Whyquit.com for being the driving motivation behind my quit. The education, Joel Spitzer’s videos and the graphic pictures all made me make that choice. Thank you for having this site available to people. I am four years free.

With continued thanks,

Sarah Flood

658 08/02/14

My name is Pierre. I am a 47 year old male from Canada who successfully quit smoking cold turkey on July 21st 2008. It took 20 years before I decided to quit. It has been 6 years this summer since I quit and I can sincerely say this is one of my life's biggest achievement and the one I am most proud of. Beating nicotine addiction is a true gift of freedom and anyone can achieve it. It took commitment and faith but Joel's advice helped me tremendously. The WhyQuit.com site was my tool to succeed and I am grateful for stumbling upon the site. Cold turkey is the best and shortest route to victory!

Cheers to all, you can do it!

657 08/01/14

After a 24 year addiction on July 6th, 2014 I achieved five years of not smoking – FIVE Years! I never imagined that was possible. I was so conflicted when I smoked, because I knew I was harming my body, I had begun having physical symptoms, shortness of breath, wheezing terribly at night, and back pain. I was a constant quitter – quitting each Monday only to reward myself with relapse by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Reading the stories of Deborah, Noni, Kim, and Bryan had a profound effect on my smoking experience. Every cigarette I lit up I would think of them, see their faces, and remember their words. I'm extremely grateful they chose to help others by sharing their experiences at their lowest moments.

Since quitting my thought is so harmonious, cravings seldom come to my mind, and when they do they just float in and out. Most of my friends and family still smoke, so I am constantly around smokers. I come to WhyQuit before family events just to reinforce my quit. I'm very grateful that this web site exists! Thank you to all of the quitters and contributors!

Laura Wheeler

656 07/29/14

It's official, it has been 1 year since I smoked my last cigarette! Thanks everyone for your support.

Michael Reilly

655 07/28/14

Today is ONE FULL YEAR of NO smoking ...... oh ya ..... I made it ..... I am so GOLDEN

Janis Orndorff Patera

654 07/28/14

Exactly 366 days ago I held my cigarette box in my hand, took a smoke out lit it and inhaled the smoke deeply into my lungs, I was so scared, insecure and annoyed that I had made a commitment to myself to quit after smoking this cigarette that I was puffing on. I didn't even know how I was going to get through quitting after smoking for 43 years of my life. When I calculated the years I had been smoking I couldn't believe that I had only spent 13 years of my life smoke free, SCARY!!!!

On month two I was really going through a very dark patch and had terrible cravings. I cried most of the time I was desperate and after praying for guidance, I took my phone and googled for help. That is when I found the WhyQuit.com site!

I read and read until my eyes went squint and saw all these smiling faces of all the hundreds of people on Turkeyville all going through what I was, and some of them were saying, "Hey! don't give up, you can do it, you will get over it!" I joined in and that is what saved my lonely road to nicotine freedom, I had the best people backing me because they had been there and done that! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU that I have managed to walk along the cessation path for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! Praise God!!!

Jenny Gardiner

653 07/20/14

I made it finally 1 year!!! NTAP,ODAAT and 1=ALL- I am now officially gold! Thank-you for all for your support. — feeling happy.

Lynn Contreras

652 07/20/14

I quit smoking for good on July 21st 2013. So if you're going date wise my year mark is tomorrow. If your counting weeks it's today. Whenever the actual mark is.... I AM FREE!!!! I AM GOLD AND I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD DO THIS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you beautiful turkeys for being here for me this whole year. Whether I posted frequently or not, when I did you have been there. I can never repay you for your support but I can be a beacon of example in my life.

Quitting smoking IS possible. I am living proof! And I will be alive a while longer now for quitting! Also, a big congrats a to my handsom husband Who is also a gold turkey today!! We did it!! Seperately, together!

ShaNon Miranda Pruden

651 07/17/14

Day 365! I did it! NTAP! I got this! Thanks everyone, here is to another trip around the sun nicotine free!

Aaron Allen

650 07/16/14

December 31, 2012 maybe around 9pm, was when I made the "DECISION", not to smoke anymore. The first days I would feel what I would call little flutters. I ignored them and proceeded to the next day. One of my motivating factors I mentally used to my advantage was to assess the monetary savings. It all worked for me. Today is July 16, 2014 and sometimes I want to cuddle with those smoking outside the store, but I have resisted thus far. I believe I am good to go.

Joanne Kenzy

649 07/16/14

Today marks one year nicotine free. I'm 35 and smoked about 25 years so if you think you can't.....you can. Thanks to Joel and whyquit.com helpers for helping me outsmart my addiction.

NTAP! Relapse is just one puff away.

Josh Hatton

648 07/15/14

One year baby! 7267 cigarettes not smoked. Thanks for the support!

Josemari Bucoy Carag

647 07/12/14

Today is one year since I quit!! N.T.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Hazlett

646 07/08/14

I had smoked for over 45 years. I quit over a year ago, cold turkey. I am not sure why it worked for me, and I never looked back, but it just did. I did not gain weight - I think I replaced the smoking activity with more constructive things....walking, gardening, music, etc.

I never long for it or miss it, I wish I knew what flipped my switch, I would so be willing to give it to others. I should say, I was not a two pack a day smoker...more a two pack a week smoker. Maybe that was the key, who knows. Best of luck to anyone trying...hang in there.

Pamela Payne

645 07/07/14

My name is Eric Ganung. On the Freedom message boards, my nic is Eric-Gold. We've spoken before. I think I brought to your attention that Allen Carr spoke favorably of you in his book Scandal.

Anyways, today I am celebrating 10 years nicotine free and I wanted to thank you for that. I don't think you know my story, but I'd like to quickly share it with you.

I had tried to quit before so many ways and so many times that I lost count. I decided right after the 4th of July 2004 that I was going to quit smoking. So with that, I slapped on a patch and gave it a go. The first day (the 5th) was pretty bad, but I managed to scratch my way through. The 2nd day though was an entirely different beast. I was experiencing high anxiety and panic attacks. I decided that I was just too weak to quit smoking and decided that I would give up.

My plan was that at lunch time I would run across the street to the mini mart and buy a pack of cigarettes, and when lunch came around that's exactly what I was off to do. On my way though, I passed by one of our company computers. Something told to search for something to help me quit smoking. I stopped and decided what the heck. I guess I figured by doing so, I could justify giving up this time and that I might find something to help me try to quit in the future (if I was even going to try again).

I stumbled upon WhyQuit.com and one of the first articles I read was the one you wrote titled, "Have You Ever Embraced a Crave?" As I began to read it, I also began to step back from myself so to speak and take a look to see if I was doing what you were suggesting in the article. I found to my amazement that this is exactly what I was doing! It was at this moment that the penny dropped for me. My anxiety started to disolve immediately and was replaced with hope and excitement. I read the entire lunch time and I never made it to the store that day and never smoked a cigarette again. In fact, by the end of my lunch break, I tore off the patch right then and there and that night after work, I threw all of my patches away and never looked back. July 7th 2004 was the first day of this journey without me ingesting any more nicotine.

While I have read many more articles from WhyQuit both from you and Joel among other people, it was that post that was my "AHA" moment. It was because of that post that for the first time ever, I actually felt that quitting smoking was doable. And while I am so grateful to have not only freed myself from this addiction, but also free my mind from the belief in the cigarette, there is something even better in all of this. You inspiring me has gone beyond just me. I have also helped many people quit smoking and have brought WhyQuit.com to many people.

So with that, I just want to celebrate my first 10 years by saying thank you.


Eric Ganung

644 07/06/14

One Year old turkey today!!!!! I did not really believe a year ago today that I would make it this far. It hasn't always been easy and there were days in the beginning where it almost fell apart. Thank you for your support as a community and the articles that I go back and re-read each time when I am at my weakest. I will continue to be on my guard protecting my quit, because I know that one = all and that is all it would take for the addiction to take over again. Thank you once again for the support.

Jamie Marr

643 07/06/14

Today is my day. I've never posted on this site, but read it daily. Quit one year ago today & feeling mighty proud. So many unbelievable stressors in my life and I still did it!

Laura Merritt-Wiseman

642 07/03/14

Mine is not an ecouraging story. I quit last July, so it is now one year (I can't remember the exact date).

I have severe emphysema, due to a lifelong addiction to smoking. Even after I was diagnosed and was seeing a pulmonologist, I was unable to quit. This continued for almost two years. I bought Chantix at my doctor's recommendation (at $150 for the first go-round) and tried to follow their program wholeheartedly. It had no effect whatsoever, one way or the other. A complete dud.

Finally, I was having great trouble breathing after even minor exertion (one flight of stairs, bending over to do something, walking a slight uphill grade, etc.). That, plus two things my doctor said finally motivated me sufficiently. One thing she said was, "Everybody stops eventually." She meant that even if you don't want to stop, eventually breathing is so difficult and the disease becomes so horrible that you have no choice.

The other thing she said was that if I stopped immediately, some degree of improvement might be possible. I had always though this was a steady downhill slide. (So, it's a little sooner, a little later, what's the difference?) The fact that there might actually be a bit of improvement encouraged me. When I left the doctor's office that day, I decided to have one "farewell" cigarette (which turned into two). But then, I threw away the remaining half-pack, and haven't even been tempted to smoke since. In fact, I rarely think about it. I am on oxygen, and although I still go into the office and work daily, of necessity my life must be completely sedentary.

In my case, it has taken a virtual death sentence to break the addiction of a lifetime (from age 16 to age 74). Of course, I knew that something like this would be the probable result; I was not ignorant of that fact. But the tobacco companies bear some responsibility also. They actually blend certain additives with the tobacco, the only purpose of which is to keep you addicted. In my case, it worked very well. Thanks, R.J. Reynolds and pals. I hope you made a lot of money.

William Monell

641 07/03/14

I don't come back to WhyQuit.com much anymore, but ... I stopped smoking 10 years ago today, and spent a lot of time here just before and after doing so. I waded in to all of the articles, read all of the stories and came out successful.

10 years!

Thank you -- you're a good curator of very useful information. Keep it going,

Ruth Ramstad

640 07/01/14

ONE YEAR TODAY!!!! BEST decision I have EVER made!!! I have made so much progress over this last year but it all started with this! My mom and dad are joining in on my success today by quitting cold turkey as well!!! They are prepared ready and anxious. I am just glad I have been able to inspire them and hope to inspire many more!

Some of my milestones:

  • July 1st 2013 quit smoking
  • Nov 2013 started running
  • January 2014 became vegetarian
  • 'March 2014 became Vegan
  • Started a vegetable garden>
  • Started going "green" "no Poo" organic

Kristin Carey

639 06/29/14


One year today and it just started with one day at a time. I remember 1 year ago when I was reading posts of other peoples success, well now that I am here I realised that my success began on day one when I decided to start my quit. Thanks to all and NTAP.

Tim McClimont

638 06/27/14

I've never said thank you. I quit 4 years ago and clung to your web page and videos for dear life!!! I did not really think it was possible. It certainly wasn't easy, but I'm so thankful it is done! Your article explaining how we are nothing but regulators for our nicotine level really opened my eyes. Your videos kept me armed and ready for the battles. Just thank you so much for being there!!!! (I'll admit I would get so mad at you and even yell sometimes! Haha. But, now I’m just grateful for you.)

Pamela Watts

637 06/27/14

Two years free from nicotine today. I found this article on day two and it changed my whole outlook on how to be successful. Keep all forms of nicotine out, one challenge at a time, and it gets easier. http://whyquit.com/whyquit/LinksAAddiction.html

Jeff Sheedy

636 06/27/14

Feeling very proud. I have achieved one year nicotine free today. Thank you all for keeping this motivating and supportive page active and updated. Although I don't post much, I am here often, drawing on the support and encouragement of each other. 😊 x

Georgina Wallace

635 06/24/14

This time last year I was having a horrible day ... I couldn't wait for it to be over, everything I did was a trigger ... I wanted a cigarette, I wanted lots of cigrettes. Without the videos on UTube by Joel and the Freedom website I could have never made this journey. I learned here that knowledge is power, and learning that I was an addict and what this meant was the key. Watching and reading got me through those tough early days, one day at a time. And here I am, one year and one day later, having a wonderful day, no need for nicotine or thoughts of wanting a cigarette. I feel FREEEEEEEEEE!

This has been quite a year and an interesting journey. I don't think of wanting to smoke anymore, and cannot remember my last crave. Thoughts about cigarettes are prompted by the smell or seeing someone smoke, and the thought is always how lucky I am that I took that first step and followed through. I decided to quit, with fear in my heart but faith in the simple truth that if I NTAP one day at a time I would once again live a life free of needing or wanting nicotine.

I am currently taking off a little extra weight that I put on, I was a little to generous with rewarding myself with goodies for not smokingimage. Two months ago I purchased a recumbent bike and assembled it myself image. I am healthier now then I have ever been and I am happier and I have removed the stress caused by smoking in my daily life!

Thank you Joel, John, and Freedom Staff. And thank you to all who posted in my journal and helped and supported me throughout my quit. I will remain vigilant.

Life on the Lido deck is great, thanks for saving me that perfect seat Mary! This is so much fun, being free and in that comfort zone. There is plenty of room for more up here, so keep on climbing!


GOLD - 1 year, 1 day and 11 hours nicotine free, over 10,989 cigarettes not smoked and over $4,808 saved.

634 06/24/14

Woohoo! Yay me! One year ago TODAY I became a non-smoker. No cigs since then and I am so happy. Thank you to all of you who encouraged and said "you got this"!

Joy Robinson Liebengood

633 06/21/14

One year today people! Hang in there!

Dennis Hart

632 06/21/14

Thank you for Turkeyville & WhyQuit. Because of these sites and all support from friends & family I have been smoke free for 1 year today! Woohoo! NTAP

Carol Blahnik

631 06/20/14

Guess what??? This time tomorrow I will be the goldest Turkey you've ever seen ;D SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of myself!

Paige Summerfieldd

630 06/15/14

Today is 1 year for me after 45 years of addiction!

Annette Lancia

629 06/12/14

Found your site by chance on Web the day I decided to quit after 27 years smoking @15 cigs per day. It worked. Have been nicotine free 11 months!! Graciaaaaaaaaaaas!!

Marisa Mavias

628 06/09/14

Tonight I will go to sleep, tomorrow I will wake up and will have accomplished a year without the use of tobacco or nicotine of any kind. This is most amazing. How did I do it? One day at a time. How do I feel breathing? Great, clear and free from the dependance. There was nothing special to accomplishing this only saying "no" and keeping the nicotine on the outside. If you don't use nicotine it has no power over you.

Paul V Williams

627 06/09/14

My name is Scott and I have been free of smoking and all nicotine products for the last 10 years. This site is definitely a life saver and cold turkey is the best route to go. I read everything here, that helped me gain the education I need to successfully quit. I don't think of cigarettes anymore and when I see other people smoking it does not faze me. If you are still smoking I highly recommend this site and I highly recommend going the cold turkey route. It worked for me.

Scott Marshall

626 06/07/14

Gold for me! I have smoked for 30 some years and have been quit for one year today. I remember when I started this journey and how I found WhyQuit.com. I was feeling so miserable at the beginning of my quit and was searching the internet for a recovery timetable, anything really that would keep me going. I found it – and so much more; a wealth of knowledge and support - thank you WhyQuit, Freedom, and Turkeyville.

What made the biggest difference to me was (and is) the Nicotine Addiction 101 article. It makes so much sense once you know what nicotine does to your brain and you come to understand (and accept) the law of addiction. 1=All – it really is that simple.

To all the newbies out there, hang in there. It's doable and so, so worth it. Turkey on and NTAP!

Isabella Jansen

625 06/07/14

One year and one day....will always remember my quit day, like how could you forget?

This website was a great help, think it was the final help. Have shared with a few of my continuing to smoke friends. The one and biggest help was the mantra...NTAP!!!

Thanks....for the support and sharing the info ALL in one place!! Better days!!

Tammi Pestik

624 06/04/14

One year ago today, on 4 June 2013, I woke up determined to quit FOREVER. I'd smoked on and off for over thirty years and I felt terrible. I'd given up so many time before and now I was a so-called 'secret' smoker. (Ha! Who did I think I was fooling? All the extra-strong mints and perfume and hand cream in the world couldn't cover up the stink of tobacco that surely clung to me wherever I went.)

Talk about a desperado. I'd get up and leave for work extra early to give me time to chain-smoke a couple of cigarettes before I went into the office. Same thing after work. Sometimes I'd invent excuses to leave the house in the evening ('Oh, I'm sure we need more milk') just so I could stand behind my car and feed my addiction one more time before bed. I lied to my partner and my kids, swearing I no longer smoked. Yet I spent so much time plotting and planning the next cigarette! And then feeling disgusted with myself, that I'd failed again.

I'd discovered in the past that stopping smoking wasn't actually that hard for me in terms of terrible craves, for instance. Quitting never felt too bad initially. But staying quit, ah, that was the thing. Somehow, a few days, weeks or months in, I always ended up 'just having one' - and of course that would be the end of that quit. And I always seemed to end up smoking even more than I had been before once I started again too.

I have spent so much time lurking on WhyQuit.com this past year. Tonight, the gold anniversary of my quit, is such a wonderful opportunity to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you for the brilliant, literally life-saving resource that is this site. The education on WhyQuit is THE most important factor in making a successful quit. I love how the range of approaches here, from the heartbreaking stories and gruesome pictures that will galvanise some smokers into action through shock tactics, the Freedom forums for those who find comfort and support from sharing their journeys with others, to the impressive collection of knowledge around the physical and emotional effects of smoking - and quitting - and the mindset of nicotine addiction.

The thing that most struck a chord for me was the re-framing of the mental conversation around 'just having one', that is, acknowledging that there was no such thing. I came to understand, as I never had before, that having that one 'good' cigarette actually meant being prepared to embrace all the others that come with it - meant going back to smoking, in fact. That was something I was fiercely determined not to do. And thanks to WhyQuit.com I never, ever will.

Becoming a non-smoker is the best thing I've ever done and has given me the confidence to change other parts of my life that weren’t working for me. I am fitter, healthier, happier - and I sure smell a whole lot better too. I can't remember the last smoker I met who wasn't hoping to quit. Anyone who asks me how I did it, I send them straight to the site.

Sorry this has turned into a novel. I am truly, madly, deeply grateful to all the folks who give their time and expertise to helping smokers like me liberate themselves. It's a beautiful world on the other side of this addiction and I am so happy to be living smoke free by following the simple rule: never take another puff!


623 06/03/14

GOLD TODAY yippee, one whole year of FREEDOM, to all you guys newbies or not, keep on NTAP, it works !!

Alan Grimes

622 06/02/14

I am one year smoke free as of last week, I am so happy and amazed I could do it.

Chelsea Espinoza

621 05/30/14

I am 365 days nicotine free. I am a Golden Turkey one time. I am proud. Come to my party and celebrate with me.

Eric Alberts

620 05/30/14

Five glorious years free. Life these days is harmonious, freedom from nicotine is glorious.

For the Newbies I can tell you comfort does come to those that ride out the bumps. The bumps in the road are neccesary on your road to recovery and freedom. It's all part of the rebirthing process of becoming free from nicotine and you will thank yourself as long as you ... never take another puff.

I can honestly say I never knew that freedom from nicotine could be so good on my body and mind. I'm so grateful to this site and its wealth of infomation. Information is your key and power to defeat nicotine addiction. I say to you all, read the info here and understand it well, its the key to everlasting freedom and comfort. I wish you all a great ride to your recovery from nicotine.


619 05/29/14

My name is Mo, and I am a nicotine addict. I am free from nicotine and healing for 1 year, 2 days, 1 minute and 45 seconds (367 days). I've not smoked 5505 death sticks, and saved $2,129.10. I've saved 19 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes of my life. — feeling accomplished.

Moana Smith

618 05/28/14

I did it, you can too! If you think you have it bad and you are different. I was too, started at 14, 1974 then in 2011 just went cold turkey after a dozen failures with every type gum, lozenge, change of brands, go to menthol, patches, taper, you name it.

Cold Turkey works. I hated it for 4 months then I was "ok," then normal at a year and finally no danger after 2 years. I rarely even think about it except how proud I am that I finally made it happen. I also feel so bad for people who are still stuck. Try and then try again don't give up giving them up.

Debi Patrick

617 05/26/14

One year COLD turkey for me today!! Saved $3288.00 by not smoking 5480 cigarettes... Plus I have added 22 days to my life! I am so proud! I smoked for 42 years ... Anyone can do this ! Wow

Brenda Campbell-Ohlhauser

616 05/24/14

One year and one day, thanks whyquit for showing me the light!

Terry Meegan Snr

615 05/23/14

Today marks my 13th month of no smoking ... I have never been prouder of myself! What I most want to say to anyone reading this for motivation is this ... IT GETS EASIER! It truly does. You can do it if you use all the tools offered here! Believe me!


614 05/23/14

I've just realised, at some point this month I passed the one year mark 100% nicotine free. Have been physically, emotionally and psychologically free for a long time now. I noticed yesterday that I could smell donuts that were inside a plastic bag. My sense of smell has returned, energy levels are through the roof and it's much easier to cope with life's lows and much nicer to enjoy life's highs without nicotine. Outdoor activities and exercise are key to beating this drug. Once you accept that it's a drug addiction and not a guilty pleasure, it becomes easier to quit. Best wishes to everyone stopping today. You can, you will and you are on the road to freedom!

Mark McDougall

613 05/22/14

Thirteen years ago today I quit smoking. I was dubious that I could do it in the first place, doubtful it could be done without immense suffering, and frightened that if I failed, it would confirm every irrational fear I had about myself. The biggest fear was that I was hellbent on killing myself with an addiction I could never escape. Still, the faintest flicker of hope lit my way.

Within days, I found an intrepid group of people on the internet (www.whyquit.com) moving in the same direction, and together we learned and supported each other through the sometimes bumpy early days of our quits. Thirteen years later, me and WhyQuit are still here, and are here to tell you that it can be done!

It has been over 12 years since I craved a cigarette. I am so very grateful to not smoke anymore. The very temporary challenges of quitting have long since been replaced with powerful healing benefits of being quit. If you want to quit smoking, dig in deep here, read everything on WhyQuit, and then read it all again. Watch the videos, come for support, and most importantly, believe you can! Because you absolutely can! If I could do it after 20 years of smoking, you can do it, too.

Melissa Clark James

612 05/21/14

Well here I am ... another smart turkey ... 1 year nicotine free today!!!!To everyone who is just starting out on this journey, you can do it, there will be difficult days but they are few and far between and every day that you are free the easier it becomes. Many thanks to all the Turkeys who I took inspiration from in the early stages...thank you...I just read and re-read all the posts and that is what kept me on the straight and narrow. Gold Star for me today!!

Patricia Marnitz

611 05/17/14

Look at what my family got me! I finally did it. It is possible. What a great feeling! Thank you so much, group, for your help. I MADE IT TO ONE YEAR NTAP!!!!

I promise you it gets easy. Keep patting yourself on the back for every day. I never thought I could make one year. I never thought I could make 1 week! I did it, so you can also. We are in this together.

Iossif Mario Gressis

610 05/17/14

One year for me soo Happy after forty years I thought it would be impossible.

Alison Taylor Cockburn

609 05/17/14

I went to AA to discover my obsession and allergy to alcohol. A year later I was having surgery and the doctors said no nicotine whatsoever 30 days prior to surgery or it will be canceled with no refund. I doubt I would have made it cold turkey without Joel's videos and articles. The thing I wanted most was a community of cold turkey quitters like the AA community. That first week of withdrawals was akin to going insane, thank God I had a gym membership!

I am now nicotine free going on 2 years and I never thought my mind would quit thinking about nicotine. It was far more challenging than quitting alcohol, far more. On day I had a close friend to call during my rants and to this day he laughs, and quit chewing tobacco as a result.

Now I compete in a variety of Spartan Race endurance, distance, obstacle courses, with a lot of uphill trail running. This would be impossible if I still smoked.

Why-quit was my only resource for quitting and I will remain forever grateful.

Russell Mann

p.s. in AA we are suggested to sponsor alcoholics trying to get sober, for me I have more passion for nicotine users trying to quit; I'm a WHYQUIT sponsor at my meetings; cold turkey baby, just like booze.

608 05/16/14

One year of freedom. Thanks to you all. To everyone on this site... It gets easier. Read read read and come visit and listen to your brothers and sisters. We all are in this together. To everyone still posting after years of freedom THANK YOU! To all of you struggling with hour one, day one, month one... Keep the faith. NTAP!!

Dave Hildebrand

607 05/14/14

One year smoke free----today!

Guy Faulstich

606 05/11/14

10 years ago tonight at approximately 11:30PM I had my last cigarette. However, I had no intention of quitting at that time but the next morning I woke up and decided to quit. Just like that. So I kinda get to celebrate two quit dates. Tomorrow, I'm on the road all day so here's my 10 year quit post.

Quitting smoking was the single best thing I've done for myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It wasn't easy at first though. I stumbled upon Freedom From Tobacco or WhyQuit, I don't remember which first, about a week in and FFT became key in helping me quit this nasty habit. JUST KIDDING! I wish it were just a nasty little habit (where have I heard that). I, as we all did, soon learned that nicotine was a nasty BIG drug addiction. Thanks to Joel and John and others I educated myself and read and read and read.

It was the longest time before I felt comfortable but I knew as long as I NTAP I would get to where I wanted to be and I did! I think I made up the saying that 100% of those who NTAP never, ever relapse and it's true.

Thanks again to John and Joel and Linda and JoAnn and those of you who continue helping people here. You really are live savers. In conclusion I'm going to attempt to post a link to my all time favorite FFT link which helped me out earlyish in my quit and one of my all time favorite pics I used to post back in the day. NTAP and success in your journey.

Turning the Corner ... Acceptance

Steve (zzrSteve)

605 05/09/14

I quit smoking 1 year ago today!

Nathan Simms

604 05/07/14

Yes!! Thank you, fellow turkeys! With your support and the great education at whyquit.com, I am celebrating one year of delicious freedom today! So, c'mon, let's shake those tailfeathers! Woop wooop!!

Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters

603 05/04/14

I had tried and failed to give up smoking dozens of times when I stumbled across this page on September 26th 2012 and that same day I took what would be my last puff of a cigarette and then it was like a magic wand was waved, and I have never ever looked back!

Since then I have a 10 month old beautiful baby girl, have started up my own business which is storming it, and am loving life with my 4 children under 5. Thank you to WhyQuit and Turkeyville for being the sole reason I made it!!

Eve Squires

602 05/04/14

I need a parade ! It has been 365 days today . I am GOLD !! Thanks to all the support !!! One Year !!!

Stephanie Moore Long

601 05/04/14

Sound the turkey trumpets my friends I have arrived at Double Gold!!! May 4th 2012 I started my new life and I have never looked back!!!! So darn happy and proud I deserve this I'm worth it and so are you!!!!!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!!!!

Christine Curtis Walker

600 04/30/14

Well, I made it to GOLD! It is great to see updates group which keep me vigilant in my thought wary of that little voice, that suggests such illogical things, like maybe just one today. Still just one simple rule of life: Never Take Another Puff! Freedom wins!

David Dieterle

599 04/22/14

I did it, one year since my cold Turkey Quit all because I came across this website and Joel helped me by linking videos to my journal and really following me.

I am so proud of myself. I had many moments over the past year that at one time in my life I would have drove to the gas station purchased a pack and lit up. But I didn't because I knew it would be throwing away my new life of no nicotine.

My Birthday was on Easter and I secretly told myself last year on my Birthday that my gift to myself was quitting forever. This year I promised myself to go back to eating healthy, no processed foods etc...

What I love the most about not smoking anymore is the smell, the way my skin looks, the way I decided to take up knitting to keep my hands busy, lol. I can't knit and the stuff I knitt is really pathetic but it worked for me while traveling and getting frustrated I would turn to knitting . I have a bag of knitting projects that are all a result of me not smoking, it is pretty funny actually. I never developed a cough during quitting and still don't have one. I feel much better and I love that I don't smell like an ashtray.

One thing I wonder about is that if I have to walk through a place where people are smoking it actually makes me start throwing up, I am so ashamed by this physical reaction but I can't stop it. I now hold my breath and then I am fine.

I am so proud of myself but I have to thank this site and all the members that helped me. I didn't post much after my 3rd month but I guess I didn't need to. I still always will check back in because I never want to be a smoker ever again!


598 04/17/14

When I first chose to quit, I did so with a determined mindset. I realized not only were cigarettes killing me, but they we're making the things I used to enjoy chores. Chasing my daughter around and realizing that I would stop interaction with her for a cigarette made my decision easier. I also realized, quitting for "her" was not realistic. I had to want it, or it wouldn't be.

One day I turned on my television and I saw a woman with a tracheotomy and noticed that could be me. I searched online for support groups to aid in my quit. I read for a few days before throwing my hat in. On April 16, 2013, I had 7 cigarettes left. I asked myself, 20 years, "isn't that enough?" Told myself, "when you go to bed, in the morning you won't smoke anymore." 11:45 smoked my last cigarette.

In the weeks to follow, I had to avoid certain social situations to make this work, because this 20 year relationship is not an easy break up. That green stuff you cough up (lol) nausea from standing in line behind someone who just put one out, getting to the counter and seeing your brand. Triggers, they were everywhere... Including my dreams.

Then I became proactive. I started going out again. Friends would offer a cigarette, I'd take it, and break them. Had to argue afterwards, but I ask for one now and they cuss me out saying I'm not gonna break their cigarette! Lol

The cravings dwindle after a few days and food tastes so much better now that my taste buds work. I know I'm rambling on, but I made it to a year! And I'm still alive! Feels great to be able to chase my 5 year old down. I can ride 5 miles on a bike none stop. No more burn holes in the interior of my cars.

It's within reach for those just starting. Everyone has to start at day 1. Take it one passing crave at a time and you'll do great! NTAP! Good luck on your journey.

George Mills

597 04/17/14

I've made it 365 days without one smoke as of today. Awesomeness!!!

Carolyn Thompson Chute

596 04/15/14

So this morning I got to see this on my quit counter! Free and Healing for One Year, 7 Hours and 6 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 7 Days and 14 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2192 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $556.25.

Thank you Turkeyville and Joel for the tools and support needed to do this. Especially in the beginning when it is so hard and seems to consume your thoughts and feelings. Coming on here to share my struggles, offer support when I could,and read from those who came before me was a godsend! For you noobs out there, yes, it can be done, no it is not easy, but it is so worth it! The feeling of freedom is immeasurable!

Lisa O'Connor

595 04/09/14

So, turns out as of 12 months ago today , I threw the last smokes I've ever bought in the bin. I guess it's a momentous occasion, but in fact ... it isn't. Today was no different to yesterday and indeed it will be no different to tomorrow. I'll get up, go to work, get stressed, have a laugh, maybe relax and go fishing ... whatever.

In fact today is also exactly the same as every day before I quit except for one thing: I no longer obsess over when I can get my next puff. I no longer worry that while I'm away I may run out. I no-longer need to lie about my addiction to my family. I no longer worry that what I am doing is shortening my life and reducing it's quality ... the list goes on.

The changes are not subtle and they are real, but they are so much a part of me now that I don't even think about it. Perhaps I should. So here's to me and you and everyone else who is keeping the addiction at bay. Cheers everyone. And to those just starting their quits? Don't loose heart! It's worth it! This is one thing I have done that I can say with complete certainty that I will NEVER regret. It really is as simple as just don't have a puff today.


594 04/08/14

One year since I quit smoking. One rule, keep the nicotine on the outside... just for today. That is truly all it takes.

Mike Korso

593 04/05/14

Achievement unlocked: Three-Six-Five - No smoking for one year, I am gold now. Thanks a lot guys!!! Without your support it would not have been possible.

Shree Kant

592 03/25/14

Yesterday I celebrated 1 year tobacco/nicotine free and I must say its well worth the effort. It's been about the best thing I have ever done for myself. So all you Turkeys keep strong and NTAP for the win.

Mcclellan Roger

591 03/25/14

1 year today... NTAP! Went to the doctor for a check up. Gained 15 lbs, my asthma is GONE and my breathing is back to a normal non-smoker between the ages of 26-30. Right where I should be! I'm no longer skin n bones! Woohoo! Keep up the quit you turkeys!

Bret Bunton

590 03/23/14

One year ago today I said no to nicotine, and never looked back. It was tough at first, but with a little perseverance and baby steps I made one week then two then bronze and so on. So to all the newbies and lurkers, stick with your quit, look forward to meeting the clam, free and happy you! It is the best decision you will ever make. N.T.A.P!

Jimmy Peny Carr

589 03/21/14

Happy 1 year anniversary of no cigs to me. This forum helped through a lot of tough times. Glad I didn't give up. Thanks everyone!

Tara Rice

588 03/17/14

Went gold today!!! Thanks to all of you. One of the greatest groups of people on the planet! The $2,376.18 I saved fit nicely into a 5 week trip to Cambodia, and temple climbing lungs helped as well! Good luck and continued success!

Jeff Wawryk

587 03/16/14

I am proud to say this weekend is 1 year! The willpower and knowledge of everyone here and all of the NTAP reading greatly helped. For those of you that are afraid, there is light at the end. There is hope for change and you CAN do it!! You must be tough and never give up. No matter what don't fall off that horse! If I can do it, you can too!

Thank you all for the support and for reading my first post here, ever. NTAP Power right here! My hubby is successful at 4 months! We did it, so can you. It feels great having our freedom, I love it and would never go back, we feel great!

Get educated HERE: Free Relapse Insurance

Shannon Whitten

Since Mar 17, 2013: 363 days smoke free, 5,453 cigarettes down, $1,567.74 saved!

586 03/14/14

I went gold on Tuesday! Couldn't have done it without the support of everyone here. I still can't believe it. Thank you all, old and new!! ntap!!

Laura McGowan

585 03/13/14

Hurray!! I am celebrating 3 years nicotine free today! I feel so great and life is great! I was a smoker for almost 60 years before I finally took my life back 3 years ago. Please celebrate with me and everyone stay smart and strong so that one day you can celebrate like me. NTAP forever!!!

Pearl Abernathy-Farnsworth

584 03/11/14

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my quit. I have never taken another puff since March 10th 2004, 5 days before my first granddaughter was born. I now have 3 more, and none of them have known me as a smoker. I was extremely grateful to your site and to the threads helping me through the first few weeks, months and years. Anyway, many thanks for all you do.

Marion Fitt (Carvoiero-Gold)

583 03/08/14

I am heading towards my 3rd year of tobacco abstinence and I smoked from age 11 to age 47. 36 years of my life living as a hostage to the big tobacco companies.

The only way to successfully quit is to go cold turkey. PERIOD. Get as far away from nicotine as you can. It is the only way to succeed.

I cannot tell you in words how amazingly healthy I feel. Every thing I eat tastes amazing. I can smell honeysuckle from blocks away. I can walk up flights of stairs and not get winded.

Smoking chips away at your reality. It is pure POISON.

John Madison

582 03/06/14

ONE YEAR!!! One year ago today I made a tiny apprehensive step to free myself from nicotine dependency. I wasn't sure that day that I would make it. I wasn't even sure then that I wanted to make it. It wasn't easy but I kept taking those baby steps, one day at a time.

Throughout this journey I've discovered benefits of quitting beyond my imagination. Today I'm so comfortable and rarely think about smoking. I don't ever want to go back to being a slave to my addiction. I believe I'll continue on this journey one day at a time.

Tami G Dehnert Nolte

581 03/01/14

To everyone who is just beginning this journey.....

I remember the moment I first made the decision to quit! I was so scared and wondered how I was going to live without being a smoker! How do you know when it's time to take a break? What do you do when you take a break? Will my car even start without me lighting up? Will I know how to drive without having a smoke? When will I know I am finished a meal? What will I do when I first open my eyes in the morning?

The physical addiction leaves very early in your quit ... the physiological was a little tougher! I didn't think that I was ever strong enough to quit! But I had it all wrong!!! You don't have to be strong to quit smoking. You just have to be smart!! With a few simple rules you can do it. One step and one minute at a time! NTAP!

And keep the nicotine on the outside! I remember my first visit to this forum and reading the posts ... the turkey parades and thinking ... wow all these people are superheroes in my eyes!! I looked up to them for being able to quit. I wanted to be just like them. Wanted to be on easy street so badly! Well, here I am 1 year 167 days and 13 hours later ... I can no longer see myself as a smoker!

I have sympathy when I do see a smoker that they don't realize the freedom they are missing out on. Congrats on making this amazing decision for yourself!! One day one moment one step at a time!

Randi Rusnell

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