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Did you quit smoking nicotine cold turkey? 
Have you remained 100% nicotine-free for at least 1 year?

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Year after year, more successful long term ex-users quit smoking cold turkey than by all other stop smoking methods combined. Yet, when have any of us ever seen a commercial or advertisement recommending cold turkey quitting or celebrating how the vast majority succeed? Cold turkey is fast, free, safe, science-based, productive and effective.

Cold turkey's champions are the hundreds of millions of worldwide ex-users who have mastered one guiding principle ... no nicotine just one day at a time! Below are the personal messages of hundreds who each quit cold turkey and have remained 100% nicotine-free for at least one full year.

Regardless of the method used to introduce nicotine into your bloodstream, if you quit cold turkey and have remained free for at least one year, we invite you to share your victory message with all dreaming of following in your footsteps!  Thanks for becoming part of the team!

Only one rule ... no nicotine today, Never Take Another Puff, Dip or Chew!


# Date Our Statement of Fact - Our Message of Hope
596 04/15/14

So this morning I got to see this on my quit counter! Free and Healing for One Year, 7 Hours and 6 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 7 Days and 14 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2192 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $556.25.

Thank you Turkeyville and Joel for the tools and support needed to do this. Especially in the beginning when it is so hard and seems to consume your thoughts and feelings. Coming on here to share my struggles, offer support when I could,and read from those who came before me was a godsend! For you noobs out there, yes, it can be done, no it is not easy, but it is so worth it! The feeling of freedom is immeasurable!

Lisa O'Connor

595 04/09/14

So, turns out as of 12 months ago today , I threw the last smokes I've ever bought in the bin. I guess it's a momentous occasion, but in fact ... it isn't. Today was no different to yesterday and indeed it will be no different to tomorrow. I'll get up, go to work, get stressed, have a laugh, maybe relax and go fishing ... whatever.

In fact today is also exactly the same as every day before I quit except for one thing: I no longer obsess over when I can get my next puff. I no longer worry that while I'm away I may run out. I no-longer need to lie about my addiction to my family. I no longer worry that what I am doing is shortening my life and reducing it's quality ... the list goes on.

The changes are not subtle and they are real, but they are so much a part of me now that I don't even think about it. Perhaps I should. So here's to me and you and everyone else who is keeping the addiction at bay. Cheers everyone. And to those just starting their quits? Don't loose heart! It's worth it! This is one thing I have done that I can say with complete certainty that I will NEVER regret. It really is as simple as just don't have a puff today.


594 04/08/14

One year since I quit smoking. One rule, keep the nicotine on the outside... just for today. That is truly all it takes.

Mike Korso

593 04/05/14

Achievement unlocked: Three-Six-Five - No smoking for one year, I am gold now. Thanks a lot guys!!! Without your support it would not have been possible.

Shree Kant

592 03/25/14

Yesterday I celebrated 1 year tobacco/nicotine free and I must say its well worth the effort. It's been about the best thing I have ever done for myself. So all you Turkeys keep strong and NTAP for the win.

Mcclellan Roger

591 03/25/14

1 year today... NTAP! Went to the doctor for a check up. Gained 15 lbs, my asthma is GONE and my breathing is back to a normal non-smoker between the ages of 26-30. Right where I should be! I'm no longer skin n bones! Woohoo! Keep up the quit you turkeys!

Bret Bunton

590 03/23/14

One year ago today I said no to nicotine, and never looked back. It was tough at first, but with a little perseverance and baby steps I made one week then two then bronze and so on. So to all the newbies and lurkers, stick with your quit, look forward to meeting the clam, free and happy you! It is the best decision you will ever make. N.T.A.P!

Jimmy Peny Carr

589 03/21/14

Happy 1 year anniversary of no cigs to me. This forum helped through a lot of tough times. Glad I didn't give up. Thanks everyone!

Tara Rice

588 03/17/14

Went gold today!!! Thanks to all of you. One of the greatest groups of people on the planet! The $2,376.18 I saved fit nicely into a 5 week trip to Cambodia, and temple climbing lungs helped as well! Good luck and continued success!

Jeff Wawryk

587 03/16/14

I am proud to say this weekend is 1 year! The willpower and knowledge of everyone here and all of the NTAP reading greatly helped. For those of you that are afraid, there is light at the end. There is hope for change and you CAN do it!! You must be tough and never give up. No matter what don't fall off that horse! If I can do it, you can too!

Thank you all for the support and for reading my first post here, ever. NTAP Power right here! My hubby is successful at 4 months! We did it, so can you. It feels great having our freedom, I love it and would never go back, we feel great!

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Shannon Whitten

Since Mar 17, 2013: 363 days smoke free, 5,453 cigarettes down, $1,567.74 saved!

586 03/14/14

I went gold on Tuesday! Couldn't have done it without the support of everyone here. I still can't believe it. Thank you all, old and new!! ntap!!

Laura McGowan

585 03/13/14

Hurray!! I am celebrating 3 years nicotine free today! I feel so great and life is great! I was a smoker for almost 60 years before I finally took my life back 3 years ago. Please celebrate with me and everyone stay smart and strong so that one day you can celebrate like me. NTAP forever!!!

Pearl Abernathy-Farnsworth

584 03/11/14

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my quit. I have never taken another puff since March 10th 2004, 5 days before my first granddaughter was born. I now have 3 more, and none of them have known me as a smoker. I was extremely grateful to your site and to the threads helping me through the first few weeks, months and years. Anyway, many thanks for all you do.

Marion Fitt (Carvoiero-Gold)

583 03/08/14

I am heading towards my 3rd year of tobacco abstinence and I smoked from age 11 to age 47. 36 years of my life living as a hostage to the big tobacco companies.

The only way to successfully quit is to go cold turkey. PERIOD. Get as far away from nicotine as you can. It is the only way to succeed.

I cannot tell you in words how amazingly healthy I feel. Every thing I eat tastes amazing. I can smell honeysuckle from blocks away. I can walk up flights of stairs and not get winded.

Smoking chips away at your reality. It is pure POISON.

John Madison

582 03/06/14

ONE YEAR!!! One year ago today I made a tiny apprehensive step to free myself from nicotine dependency. I wasn't sure that day that I would make it. I wasn't even sure then that I wanted to make it. It wasn't easy but I kept taking those baby steps, one day at a time.

Throughout this journey I've discovered benefits of quitting beyond my imagination. Today I'm so comfortable and rarely think about smoking. I don't ever want to go back to being a slave to my addiction. I believe I'll continue on this journey one day at a time.

Tami G Dehnert Nolte

581 03/01/14

To everyone who is just beginning this journey.....

I remember the moment I first made the decision to quit! I was so scared and wondered how I was going to live without being a smoker! How do you know when it's time to take a break? What do you do when you take a break? Will my car even start without me lighting up? Will I know how to drive without having a smoke? When will I know I am finished a meal? What will I do when I first open my eyes in the morning?

The physical addiction leaves very early in your quit ... the physiological was a little tougher! I didn't think that I was ever strong enough to quit! But I had it all wrong!!! You don't have to be strong to quit smoking. You just have to be smart!! With a few simple rules you can do it. One step and one minute at a time! NTAP!

And keep the nicotine on the outside! I remember my first visit to this forum and reading the posts ... the turkey parades and thinking ... wow all these people are superheroes in my eyes!! I looked up to them for being able to quit. I wanted to be just like them. Wanted to be on easy street so badly! Well, here I am 1 year 167 days and 13 hours later ... I can no longer see myself as a smoker!

I have sympathy when I do see a smoker that they don't realize the freedom they are missing out on. Congrats on making this amazing decision for yourself!! One day one moment one step at a time!

Randi Rusnell

580 02/25/14

One year today!

Claudia A. Fullerton

579 02/25/14

My name is Minky, and I am a nicotine addict. I have stopped nicotine for 2 years, 1 hour, 30 minutes and 5 seconds (730 days). I've not smoked 10951 death sticks, and saved $2,257.23. I've saved 38 days and 34 minutes of my life.

I just had to stop by and thank Joel and all the people who helped me quit, and to encourage you all who are just starting to quit. It can be done!!

Smoke Free for Keeps!!


578 02/24/14

One Year Today! Hello everyone. I haven't been on the board for a few months as I was finding it hard to keep up with a full time job, my AA activities and being on the forum regularly. But ... today is my 1st smoke free Birthday so I wanted to share that with everyone, to say thank you for all the support I had in my early days and also to offer hope to anyone who might be struggling.

I have had good days and challenging days (as is normal) but I haven't found it necessary to put nicotine in my body for 365 days, one day at a time:) I rarely think about cigarettes and when I do the thoughts are fleeting. I don't ever want to forget the last few months (or years) of my smoking life - I still read a few pages of John's book each morning or an article or two from Joel's library so that I don't forget to remember.

My life is so much richer - I handle stress much easier, I am 100% calmer and I look much younger! I also am running much further and am much fitter. Thank you everybody! Xx

Kay S

577 02/24/14

One year ago today I put out my last cigarette.

Marcia Nyhuis Fromkin

576 02/23/14

I started when I was 13 ... 13!! I look at a 13 year-old today and can't imagine them smoking. Then, I smoked 1 pack + a day for the next 30 years. I was also unfortunate enough to end up with a huge drinking problem as well. On nights I drank, it wasn't uncommon to smoke 2+ packs. The cigarettes always compromised the quality of my life and I knew it. It never "added" anything to my life except odor and an unhealthy feeling.

On a fateful day one year ago, almost to this day, I woke up hungover and miserable, as I had thousands of times before. But this time, something was different. I knew I couldn't go on like that anymore and somehow I knew that no matter what life threw at me from that moment forward, come hell or high water, there were 2 things I wouldn't be doing, and that's smoking or drinking. I wanted to live too badly and there was nothing left to do with those two but die. I had to reach an all time low before I stopped. I hope others can do it way before then.


575 02/22/14

After 20 long years, today 22 February 2014, I can say I am 1 year-old in my smoke free life. Going cold turkey was the only true way for me. The only thing I truly regret is not doing it sooner. For all you ex-smokers congratulations and for those about to jump aboard, by all means do it.

E Mtz

574 02/22/14

ONE YEAR TODAY!!!!! I almost forgot, hubby reminded me of the date!!

Tracey Gipe

573 02/18/14

I year ago today I smoked my last cigarette ...smoke and nicotine!

Lynne Reilly

572 02/18/14

One year without a single puff of smoke. I feel great knowing I don't have to rush to the store anymore to buy cigs whenever I run out, or frantically look for places where I can smoke, or feel dizzy, tired and out of breath, or hiding my nasty addiction to my loved ones.

Feels great to be finally free.

Carmichael Keane C. See

571 02/17/14

This week marked my 2year no smoking anniversary. I quit cold turkey using a lot of info on the WhyQuit site. I quit after realizing that I could not quit for life, but I could quit for 4 days......4 days got the nicotine out of me and that THEN I could think rationally.

I stayed no smoking by facing every trigger I had face on. ASAP There were hundreds of them. I won't say it was easy but I can say it is incredibly do-able. Ask me anything ... except to borrow a cigarette.

Joseph Nova

570 01/29/14

Thanks Joel and John for your magnificent free internet resources to assist nicotine addicts. I smoked on and off for 50 years, in my student years up to a pack a day but averaging about 12 a day for extended periods of years with intermittent times of not smoking, up to three years, but always taking it up again. I used to say "giving up smokes is easy, anyone can do it, it's staying off them that's really hard." But as Yul Brynner famously said after being diagnosed with fatal lung cancer "Whatever you do, don't smoke."

Reading your books and understanding something of cognitive behaviour therapy finally tripped the psychological switch for me. Admitting I was clinically a nicotine addict was the key. I've been smoke three for four months and although I've given up many times before only to resume, this time it feels completely different. For anyone reading this wanting to quit, if I can do it, you too can do it, admit you're an addict, then just NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF.

The desire to smoke may still sometimes arise when "trigger" states of mind or some social circumstances occur but I always break through with a simple mantra of my own : "sucking poisonous fumes is not going to help, it'll only make things worse." Hope this helps.

Congratulations to all the Turkeys who have beaten Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical without it costing you anything except self-education and willpower. Going Cold Turkey is cool!

Melbourne, Australia

569 01/06/14

Just over a year for me. I tossed the butts December 29th 2013. I never thought I could do it, but It was done!

Peter Benko

568 01/02/14

1 year ago I quit smoking. NTAP. Never looked back. If I did it you can do it!!!!

Susana Carpena

567 01/01/14

Even after 24 years of smoking, I'm now 1 year smoke free, 10,000 cigarettes not smoked & $2200 saved. I still have cravings from time to time, but what a sense of accomplishment! I can now run 5 miles without feeling winded, my senses of taste and smell are so much better, circulation to my fingers and toes has improved, and my teeth are visibly whiter. A much better trade-off than the fleeting sense of (false) relief offered by cigarettes. For those of you quitting this New Years, I wish you the best of luck - it's SO worth it, so hang in there!!!

Jason Green

566 01/01/14

Today I am one year nicotine free. If I can do it anyone can.

Jonathan Wilson

565 01/01/14

I passed one year on 28th December 2013. It feels so good.

Alison Connick

564 01/01/14

One year... Never thought I'd make it, never say it was easy, but the pride I feel inside tonight made it sooo worth it!

Maria Schamel-Atwood

563 01/01/14

yeeeeeeey 1 year today ....365 days nicotine free..10,935 cigarettes not smoked.........thanks for all the support and encouragement throughout the year ........so one day at the time bring on year 2

Swampsnake Fiftyseven

562 01/01/14

A year ago I had just past 11 days. I celebrated my success silently as I was closet smoker or so I thought. More accurately I was a smoker who lied to myself and others. I some how thought I didn't smell.

If you are a closet smoker and are starting your quit realize that others do know you are a smoker. If ready to admit to those around you then use this forum. I don't think I would have made it without the support and education of this forum. I'm still an addict but will always remember NTAP

Martin McCaffrey

561 12/31/13

This 63 year old man who smoked for 49 years is proud to say that today I turned GOLD! Thanks to the knowledge on this site I knew what was coming and how to fight it. I am proof that age or length of time smoked doesn't matter. An addict is an addict at any age. My quit went pretty much according to the book. I read the new members starting out and I remember how hard it was for me also. I can only say please watch the videos and read some articules. Most importantly take advantage of the support here; it will get easier. 16000 cigarettes I did not smoke this year. 40 a day, it is possible! NTAP one day a a time, Thanks Turkeyville!

Bill Smith

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