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CDC Looking for Ex-Smokers for New TIPS campaign


CDC is looking for real people to appear in new Tips From Former Smokers ads about the health effects of smoking cigarettes.

Participants selected will be paid $2,500 + travel expenses.

We are looking for ex-smokers of any ethnic background who have been diagnosed with these diseases while smoking:

We are also looking for ex-smokers who:

Used cigars with cigarettes, or used cigarillos or little cigars alone or with cigarettes because you thought cigars, cigarillos, or little cigars were healthier, and were diagnosed with a serious health condition while smoking (age 20-60).

For at least a year, used e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco while continuing to smoke some cigarettes (age 20-60); and
Thought using e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to cut back on some cigarettes would be good for your health; and
Despite cutting back, you were later diagnosed with a serious health condition.

We are particularly encouraging qualified English speakers of Asian descent to consider applying to be a part of the ad campaign.

In order to qualify for this project, you must be:

Mimi Webb Miller Casting
Email: CDCTips@gmail.com
Phone toll-free: 855.332.7277