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Nicotine's Graveyard
Imagine life being half over by age 17
·Bryan Lee Curtis - age 34
·Noni Glykos - age 33
·Quentin Delgado - age 23
·Sean Marsee - age 19
·The smoker's self mutilation
·The Smoker's Memorial
Nicotine extremely addictive
·Nicotine Addiction 101
·Youth nicotine dependency test
·Smoking initiation survey
·Kids Just Don't Get It
False Advertising/Student Targeting
·Marlboro's Bucking Bronco
·NASCAR Winston Cup Racing
·RJR using fishing as bait
Enslavement & Slaughter Continues
90% hooked while children or teens
·Brandon's missing legs - age 23
·Gruen's missing jaw - age 17
·Kim's missing lung - age 44
·Movies and clips
Instruments of enslavement & slaughter
·Carcinogens, chemicals and additives
·Marlboro "Maybe" ads target youth
·Area stores: nicotine addiction central
·"Do nothing" city & county councils
·Politicians loyal to tobacco interests
·Point of sale store advertising
·Magazine advertising aimed at youth
·"Trust Us" corporate image campaigns
·Targeting young Hispanic females
Responsible Nicotine Marketing
The youth assault ends
· No youth allowed in tobacco stores
·No tobacco marketing inside schools
·No tobacco ads in youth magazines
· No smoking in G and PG rated movies
Tools for change
·School prevention & quitting programs
·Peer to peer dependency honesty
·Teach youth tobacco industry tactics
· Identify irresponsible store marketing
· WhyQuit's store grading scale
·Identify politicians on tobacco's team
· Contact state and local officials
·Kick tobacco ads out of schools

Youth Smoking Prevention News

03/31/15 - ESPN helping addict teens to smoking nicotine

04/21/14 - India's ITC, the most reckless cigarette company on earth

09/29/13 - Marlboro "Maybe" ads banned by Germany for tareting youth

09/17/13 - Student Warning: nicotine addiction can be quick and is permanent

09/06/13 - E-cigarette use among U.S. middle and high school students doubles from 3.3% to 6.8%

The American Lung Assocation's Not-On-Tobacco (N-O-T) school student stop smoking program is NOT effective.

American Lung Association's Not-On-Tobacco
school student quit smoking program NOT effective

11/28/12 - FaceBook cold turkey quit smoking forum celebrates 1,000th member

05/20/11 - 100 reasons why CVS should stop selling cigarettes

04/12/10 - Addiction to smoking nicotine a mental illness and disease

10/18/09 - Enslaved college smokers pay hefty price

09/29/09 - City and county council inaction hand youth to nicotine industry

09/07/09 - ALA's Not-On-Tobacco school student quit smoking program NOT effective

06/29/09 - President Obama needs your help to quit

06/24/09 - President Obama smoking assertions fail fact checks

06/22/09 - Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act becomes law

11/23/08 - Obama can't quit smoking for Kinsley or America's youth

10/13/08 - Inconsistent Flavor of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

04/30/08 - Young dying smokers share nightmares online

03/06/08 - Obama youth nicotine dependency lessons unacceptable

07/17/07 - Confessions of a teenage nicotine addict

11/28/06 - School smoking & nicotine dependency: students helping students

08/01/06 - Signs of nicotine addiction can begin with first puffs

07/30/06 - Imagine being 17, a smoker and your life being half over

03/18/06 - Convenience Stores - Nicotine Addiction Central
WhyQuit challenges neighborhood stores to end youth marketing, and
students to organize and fight back if the practice continues

12/05/05 - Philip Morris revises "Raising kids who don't smoke"

12/18/05 - Survey finds 30% decline in College of Charleston daily student smoker rate

07/26/00 - "It's Time for the FDA to Take the Next Step: Ban Cigarettes"

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