South Carolina's
Legislative Champions of
Nicotine Dependency Control

The Hall of Fame
The below lawmakers have been faithful to their constitutional oath to protect the public health. They have gone beyond the call of duty in battling South Carolina's #1 killer - chemical dependency upon smoking nicotine.

During Session 113 (1999-2000) the below three lawmakers co-sponsored H 4729, an attempt to use all revenues due under the Master Settlement Agreement only for costs incurred by our state for smoking related medical treatment, for smoking cessation programs and for youth smoking prevention programs. On 03/02/00 it was referred to the Ways & Means Committee where it died.

District 20 Representative Glenn L. Hamilton
District 26 Representative Rex F. Rice
District 40 Representative Walton J. McLeod

During Session 114 (2001-2002) the below lawmakers co-sponsored H 3872 (House) or S532 (Senate) which were attempts to put teeth into our current youth tobacco access law which is sadly laughable. They sought to make it unlawful for youth to attempt to purchase tobacco, to possess tobacco, or for someone to purchase it for them. They also sought to establish controls over easy youth access to thousands of cigarette machines. The Senate bill was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on 04/03/01 where it died, and the House version to the House Judiciary Committee on 04/04/01 where it met the same fate.

District 22 Representative Gloria Arias Haskins
District 34 Representative Scott F. Talley
District 35 Representative Phillip K. "Phil" Sinclair
District 37 Representative G. Ralph Davenport, Jr.
District 38 Representative Robert E. "Bob" Walker
District 40 Representative Walton J. McLeod
District 43 Representative F. Gregory "Greg" Delleney, Jr.
District 78 Representative Joel Lourie
District 113 Representative J. Seth Whipper

District 13 Senator James H. "Jim" Ritchie
District 16 Senator Chauncey K. Gregory
District 22 Senator Warren K. Giese
District 24 Senator W. Greg Ryberg
District 27 Senator Vincent A. Sheheen
District 46 Senator >Scott H. Richardson

Although the below lawmakers have each been in the S.C. Legislature since at least 1999, they did not once accept any direct nicotine industry contributions from 2000 through 2004. Even more impressive is the fact that they did not once accept any indirect contributions of tobacco industry profits that were laundered by being routed through their Senate or House party caucus committee. Lawmakers of tremendous character and integrity, the people of South Carolina are extremely proud of each of you!

District 26 Representative Rex F. Rice
District 30 Representative Olin R. Phillips
District 44 Representative James M. "Jimmy" Neal
District 47 Representative Herb Kirsh
District 49 Representative Bessie Moody-Lawrence
District 70 Representative Joseph H. Neal
District 75 Representative James H. Harrison
District 76 Representative Leon Howard
District 80 Representative Dr. Jimmy C. Bales
District 82 Representative William "Bill" Clyburn
District 84 Representative J. Roland Smith
District 91 Representative Lonnie Hosey
District 102 Representative Amos L. Gourdine
District 111 Representative Floyd Breeland
District 113 Representative J. Seth Whipper
District 117 Representative Thomas M. "Tom" Dantzler

District 16 Senator Chauncey K. Gregory
District 19 Senator Kay Patterson
District 21 Senator Darrell Jackson
District 30 Senator Maggie Wallace Glover
District 39 SenatorJohn W. Matthews, Jr.

Palmetto Tree
The Pledge Hall
palmetto tree
The below South Carolina legislative candidates have pledged that from the date indicated, if not previously, they will never accept any tobacco industry campaign contributions, while using their best efforts to ensure that another generation of South Carolina youth does not spend an entire life battling to break nicotine's amazing grip upon them.

Randy Scott   Candidate for Senate District 38   05/23/04
Ken Campbell   Candidate for House District 1   07/19/04
Charlie Smith   Candidate for House District 119   07/19/04
Justin Kahn   Candidate for Senate District 41   08/02/04

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Pledges or nominations for the Hall of Fame closed on August 5, 2004 when this page was last upated by John R. Polito. This page is now for historical reference only