Gallup Poll July 2013 - Quitters most likely to use cold turkey strategy

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The above screenshot was prepared by John R. Polito, Director on August 9, 2013 from a July 31, 2013 Gallup story entitled "Most U.S. Smokers Want to Quit, Have Tried Multiple Times" by Frank Newport. The story's subtitle is "Former smokers say best way to quit is just to stop "cold turkey" The screenshot opens and closes at references to "Gallup"

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Overall, 19% of Americans in Gallup's July Consumption Survey say they currently smoke, 24% are former smokers (they used to smoke on a regular basis), and 56% have never smoked. The quarter of Americans who are former smokers are primarily defined by age: 41% of those 65 and older used to smoke, but do not now, compared with 12% of those aged 18 to 29.

Quitters Most Likely to Use "Cold Turkey" Strategy

The quarter of Americans who have successfully quit smoking, when asked to name the strategies or methods they used to quit, are most likely to attribute their success to just deciding to quit "cold turkey." Smaller percentages of reformed smokers name willpower, support from family and friends and prayer, use of the nicotine patch, ceasing to be around people who smoke, using chewing gum or candy, and using an electronic cigarette.

Trying to be as specific as possible, what strategies or methods for quitting smoking were most effective for you? [OPEN-ENDED]
Former smokers
Just quit/Decided it was time/Quit cold turkey
Willpower/Commitment/Mind over matter
Support from family, friends/prayer
Used nicotine patch
Was experiencing health issues related to smoking
Stopped being around people who smoke
Used chewing gum/candy/seeds/lozenges to help
Used electronic cigarette
Cut down, then quit
Used prescription drugs
Became pregnant
Used hypnosis
Used nicotine gum
No opinion
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