13 years of life

Photo showing broken cigarettes and cigarette packs in a sand ashtray. According to the Centers for Disease Control, while only 5 percent of teen smokers believe they will definitely be smoking in 5 years, 75 percent will still be hooked solid 7 to 9 years later. Addicted to a central nervous system stimulant, imagine never again knowing what it is like to experience hour upon hour of mental quiet, calm and deep relaxation.

Imagine every stressful acid producing event neutralizing your reserves of the alkaloid nicotine, and adding to each stressful event the onset of early chemical withdrawal. Imagine the sickness that resides inside a mind willing to trade thirteen years of life for one chemical - nicotine.

The above photo was taken on November 17, 2005 during the Great American Smokeout at the College of Charleston by John R. Polito. The above image may be used in association with any not-for-profit youth smoking prevention or cessation education effort.

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