Turkeyville's banner.  The most popular Facebook quitting site, if you are addicted to smoking or smoked nicotine, to dip or dipping, to chew or chewing, yp tobacco, snus, snuff, vaping or vape from ecigs, cigs, electronic, cigarettes, ends,  ecigarettes, e-ciagarettes, e-cigs, or to Nicorette, Commit, lozenge, the nicotine gum, patch, lozenge, spray, inhaler, or to bidis, beedies, hookah, hookahs, narghile, shisha, kreteks or kretek or to a pipe or cigars and looking for group peer support while quitting cold turkey, then you're in the right place!


Turkeyville is a Facebook cold turkey support group for those seeking to quit smoking, vaping, dipping or stop chewing nicotine. Facebook's most popular nicotine dependency recovery site, please read the below welcome message and group rules before joining our group, as membership is conditioned upon them.

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