Philip Morris Caught Red-Handed
in 2005 Fabricating Parental Dialog

A comparison page 13 of the 2003 and 2005 versions of Philip Morris' corporate responsibility booklet Raising Kids Who Don't Smoke. Ask yourself, why is America's #1 nicotine addiction pusher so insistent upon creating conversations in which it refers to a true chemical dependency as a habit?

What lesson is Philip Morris teaching?

The above two images are from page 13 of the 2003 and 2005 versions of Philip Morris' corporate responsibility booklet "Raising Kids Who Don't Smoke." Ask yourself, why would America's leading pusher of nicotine addiction fabricate parental dialog in which it is so insistent upon falsely teaching America's children that a true chemical dependency is a "habit"?

Children know that habits take many repetitions to establish. What they don't know is that smoking nicotine is so captivating that it may only take smoking one or two times before becoming hooked for life.

Philip Morris simply cannot resist priming the child's thinking and subconscious for a lifetime of nicotine addiction. Want to see what Philip Morris is/was doing a decade later in 2013?. Take a look at the Marlboro "Maybe" archetype ad campaign.

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