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Why Freedom or Turkeyville?

If looking for serious, focused and effective group support to help you quit smoking ciarettes, vaping e-cigs or stop using smokeless tobacco or NRT, you've come to the right place. WhyQuit offers two quitting support groups, Freedom founded in 1999 and Turkeyville founded in 2010.

Which Internet support group has the highest or best long-term (greater than 6 months) success rate? Although there has never been such a site study, we strongly suspect that Freedom and Turkeyville would rank at the top.

Both support groups are exclusively for cold turkey quitters. Both are nicotine-free groups. Those still using nicotine or who have relapsed are not permitted to post at either group. Whereas Turkeyville is slightly more forgiving, any relapse after being admitted to Freedom permanently revokes group posting privileges.

We fully understand that such focus and serious is not for everyone. But if serious about taking back your mind, priorities and life then Freedom and Turkeyville are ready for you!

Millions of words at WhyQuit but only one rule determining the outcome for all ... no nicotine today!

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