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While fear is a weak sustaining motivation as we quickly grow numb to it, if allowed, it can motivate us to master our chemical dependency and discover the path home. Ask yourself, what learning takes place by swallowing a pill, slapping on a patch, chewing gum or being hypnotized or stuck by needles? As this 2013 Gallup Poll suggests, none. Knowledge truly is a quitting method. Why fight in darkness when we can turn on the lights?

Featured Videos

Lung Cancer, Just Stop It

Tribute to Susan (Suzie) DeWitt, Age 43

My Mom

A Son's Tribute - My Mom


Why do smokers smoke?
Joel Spitzer

Nicotine: Priming Addiction Pathways

A Mother's Secret
Calif. Dept. Health Services 2001

In the Nicotine
Paramount Pictures

Tobacco Industry Lies & Bait

7 Tobacco Company CEOs Lie to Congress

Stay Focused on the Positive
The Truth

More Doctors Smoke Camels

Flinstones Winston's Commercial

More Fred Flinstone - Youth Targeting

Smoking in Movies
Smoke Free Movies 2006

Low Tar Cigarettes
CBS Evening News

Youth Nicotine Dependency Prevention

Teenage Smokers: Confessions

Feel Free to Say No
European Union

Nasty Peer Pressure
National Council Against Smoking

Getting Hooked - That First Hidden Dopamine Explosion

Her first cigarette - Why They Smoke

Her first cigarette - 2

His first cigarette - 3

Admitting Addiction

Women, cigarettes and addiction

Cigarette addiction: a profile

Smokeless Tobacco

Tony Gwynn

Spit This! The Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco

A Victory for Everyone
U.S. Department of Defense

Spit Tobacco Killer Drug - The Bob Leslie Story

Smoking's #1 Killer - Circulatory Disease

Heart and circulatory disease
Joel Spitzer

Arteries of a 32 year-old smoker
Australian Government

Stroke in a 38 year-old smoker
Australian Government

Smoking's #2 Killer - Cancer

Lung cancer
Joel Spitzer

Peter Jennings' lung cancer
ABC News 2005

Patrick Swayze pancreatic cancer
ABC News

Smoking linked to breast cancer

Anthony Hicks' throat cancer

Smoking causes nearly all larynx cancer
Dr. Andrew Nemecheck

Smoking's #3 Killer - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Every Puff Destroys More Lung
Australian Government

Nearly every smoker has some emphysema
Australian Government

Janice - age 51 - Emphysema

A Child's Worst Nightmare

The DeWitt Family - Part 1

The DeWitt Family - Part 2

The DeWitt Family - Part 3

Other Smoking Risks and Harms

The Toxic Truth

How 30 packs wrecks your lungs
Chris Notap

Australian Government

You don't always die from tobacco
The Truth Campaign

Child and Fetal Harm
Health Canada

No Smoking

Lost Cigarettes

A Chronic Cough: a Potential Lung Cancer Warning Sign

Get YourLungs Back

Smoker's Cough

Terminal and Dying

Barb Tarbox

Dead & Gone

Susan DeWitt Tribute

Susan DeWitt - My Mom

Yul Brynner - Lung Cancer
American Cancer Society

Quitting - Nicotine Dependency Recovery

Quitting Hard - Not Quitting Harder

How to quit smoking
Joel Spitzer

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