Why Quit ?

WhyQuit's Quitting Quiz

A 30 Question Learning Tool

Created by John R. Polito
Nicotine Cessation Educator - Editor WhyQuit.com

Revised - 02/28/07
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Scoring Key

95% - 100%  You are extremely knowledgeable and hopefully engaged in teaching others the art, science and psychology of nicotine dependency recovery!

90% - 95%  An outstanding score and well prepared to remain nicotine free for life!

80% - 89%  A solid score but with a bit of room to develop additional recovery insights

70% - 79%  You must be attending the school of hard-quitting-knocks!  We'd highly recommend that you immediately give Joel's Library one complete cover to cover read.

Below 70%  Friend, we don't mean to hurt your feelings but smoking kills half of all adult smokers and you know very very little about nicotine dependency recovery.  Are you serious about reclaiming your life?  If so, then why fight in total darkness when you can turn on the lights?  None of us are stronger than nicotine but then nicotine has an I.Q. of zero!  Knowledge truly is power. Use your mind to take back your life!
Respond to each question until the word YES appears beside your response.
There is no penalty for looking at other answers after selecting the correct choice.
Be sure and read the entire question and all choices before responding.

Good Luck!