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Joel Spitzer has provided smoking cessation and prevention services since 1971, first as a volunteer speaker and then a member of the professional staff of the American Cancer Society. Later he served as smoking programs coordinator for the Rush North Shore Medical Center's Good Health Program, and then as a consultant for the Skokie Illinois Health Department and the Evanston Department of Health and Human Services, providing state funded smoking cessation clinics and seminars for the two Chicago suburban communities. Here at WhyQuit, Joel has served as education director since June 2000.

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Never Take Another Puff

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Joel's Reinforcement Articles

Why Do People Smoke? - 16 articles

The Costs - 18 articles

How to Quit - 35 articles

Relapse Prevention - 27 articles

What About Weight Gain? - 4 articles

Teen Smoking Prevention - 5 articles

Smoking: A Historical Perspective - 4 articles


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"Never Take Another Puff"

Discover why more than Four Million copies of Joel's free book "Never Take Another Puff" were downloaded between August 1, 2005 and July 7, 2012. While we cannot promise that if you read Joel's book that you'll succeed in quitting smoking, we can promise that you'll learn how. Give "Never Take Another Puff" one complete cover-to-cover read. Arm yourself with the power of knowledge.

Link to 2003 PDF Edition - Download the original online version of Joel's free 149 page quit smoking book in PDF format (1.35MB), containing 97 short quitting articles. Once opened, be sure to click the "save" icon (the first icon on the far left) and save a copy to your computer.  You'll then be able to search, print and e-mail "Never Take Another Puff" to friends, family members and co-workers who are smoke, chew or dip nicotine.

Link to 2006 PDF Edition - This link is to the latest edition of "Never Take Another Puff." It is a bit larger file (1.5MB), with 63 additional pages (212 total) but only four additional articles related to: (1) setting quitting dates, (2) alcohol use and alcoholism, (3) who to believe regarding quitting methods, and (4) why the decline in smoking is grinding to near standstill. If you have already printed the 2003 version, we recommened that you print the four additional articles and place them at the end of Chapter 3.

Link to Kindle - MobiPocket Version - Read Never Take Another Puff on your Kindle or MobiPocket or enjoy the Kindle book format on your computer by downloading a free Kindle reading program.


Daily Quitting Lesson Guide

I plan to stop smoking
My first day of stopping smoking
My first day of stopping smoking
My third day of stopping smoking My fourth day of stopping smoking
My fifth day of stopping smoking My sixth day of stopping smoking
My second week of stopping smoking
Moving on with life after having stopped smoking

Link to YouTube Featured Playlists for all of Joel Spitzer's Stop Smoking Videos


Joel's Video Quit Smoking Lessons

Imagine having your very own stop smoking coach, one of the world's best. More than 4 Million of Joel's free videos had been watched as of April 24, 2013. Collectively, they capture nearly all lessons that were presented by Joel during his 13-day, 12 hour clinic program.

You can either sequence through Joel's video lessons using the Daily Quitting Lesson Guide immediately above, by using YouTube's Featured Playlist, or by selecting individual lessons from the complete list of video and audio lessons below. Watch as many as possible. Discover what happens once we become more dependency recovery savvy than our addiction is strong!

Get Windows Media PlayerThe below lessons are presented in four formats: YouTube - extremely quick opening video clips hosted by YouTube; Dial-Up - as smaller video files for those with slower dial-up Internet connections; HS/BB - as larger higher quality videos for those with high speed or broadband Internet access; and MP3 - as audio files for use on MP3 players. All files except for YouTube videos will play on Windows Media Player. You can click on this icon to download a Windows Media Player.

Video Title
Introduction to Joel's stop smoking video libraryUTube 07:0007/03/13
    - old introduction videoUTube1.13mb10.8mb1.83mb10:0503/28/12
How to best utilize videosUTube 06:1703/29/12
Using these videos to quit smokingUTube4.02mb12.0mb5.04mb11:0711/21/06
Smoking's Costs
The costs of smokingUTube 03:1312/13/13
"Because now it really hurts!"UTube 04:5402/07/14
Money wasted on cigarettesUTube1.93mb6.19mb2.72mb06:0310/18/06
Closet smokersUTube 05:4508/16/12
Introduction to the "The isolation of the widowed smoker"UTube 01:3808/07/14
Introduction to "The Fan Letter"UTube 03:0208/08/14
The Palmolive bottle demonstration UTube 2.84mb 19.1mb3.55mb07:45 10/11/06
Learning how to inhale UTube1.70mb 16.8mb2.10mb04:3810/02/06
"I don't want to see any scary pictures"UTube 09:4308/24/12
Heart and circulatory diseasesUTube2.81mb5.93mb8.82mb19:1811/03/06
Lung cancerUTube3.04mb6.55mb8.58mb18:4811/05/06
How smoking destroys the lungsUTube 1.55mb 4.59mb1.87mb 04:1311/27/06
Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysemaUTube 08:4710/30/11
Kids just don't get itUTube 11:4708/07/11
Premature deaths caused by smokingUTube 1.84mb3.62mb5.72mb12:3311/06/06
For people who think quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have ever doneUTube 04:2506/12/14
Quitting can make you calmer, happier & healthierUTube 03:3702/28/14
Addiction to Nicotine
You smoke because you're a smokeaholicUTube 03:4109/13/12
Why do smokers smoke? UTube2.65mb 5.70mb8.31mb18:0811/07/06
Addiction - the Surgeon General says ...UTube4.42mb13.2mb5.49mb12:0010/09/06
Criteria of addictionUTube4.09mb12.2mb5.09mb11:06 10/09/06
Are you a nicotine junkie?UTube 06:4307/16/14
The power of nicotine addictionUTube 09:2107/22/14
"Please don't smoke"UTube 05:3308/04/14
"Maybe a puff isn't that big of a deal"UTube 06:2308/22/12
"Don't let a slip put you back to using"?UTube 08:1108/09/12
"Should I reset my quit meter?"UTube 04:0108/21/14
"Don't beat yourself up for smoking"UTube 04:2206/12/14
Past "successful" quitsUTube 03:4706/11/13
The lucky ones get hookedUTube 09:3511/30/11
"Get right back in the saddle?"UTube 04:5310/07/12
"I don't need to smoke"UTube3.86mb11.5mb4.75mb10:29 11/09/06
"What should I call myself?"UTube 07:5408/04/12
"How can I be addicted? "I can go hours without?"UTube 12:1106/27/11
Are there social smokers?UTube 15:5610/29/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?"UTube 08:1909/27/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?" (old version)UTube1.23mb 12.1mb1.54mb03:2209/27/06
Oral tobacco usage and addictionUTube 11:1105/26/13
People in recovery from other addictionsUTube3.24mb 9.68mb4.00mb08:5011/20/06
Quit Smoking Methods, Products and Programs
"I've tried everything to quit and nothing works!"UTube 05:2602/13/14
"Whatever you do, don't quit cold turkey"UTube 07:4108/16/13
Who should you believe?UTube 01:4909/11/12
Are doctors taught about nicotine recovery?UTube 06:1708/29/14
Is cold turkey the only way to quit smoking?UTube 08:4008/12/12
Cold turkey quitting definedUTube 15:5203/01/12
How did the people you know quit smoking?UTube1.90mb18.8mb 2.34mb05:1009/27/06
"I liked my other clinic more"UTube 07:5108/25/12
What programs do I recommend?UTube 07:1011/09/12
Being locked up to quit smokingUTube 06:3101/06/11
"Am I doomed to fail if I don't get professional help?"UTube 06:4701/06/11
Prolonging nicotine withdrawalUTube 06:2509/03/14
Quitting by gradual withdrawalUTube 2.35mb7.54mb3.25mb07:13 10/18/06
Resources regarding stop smoking aidsUTube 02:1506/27/14
My first encounter with NRTUTube3.99mb16.1mb6.66mb14:3711/16/06
The President and nicotine gumUTube 10:2909/25/13
Be prepared for confusing information UTube 07:2810/04/12
My personal, brief views on Chantix or ChampixUTube 04:2706/21/13
Candid, detailed views of Chantix / Champix UTube 17.8mb 53.3mb22.0mb48:1610/19/07
Our views on the need for harm reductionUTube 06:3110/05/12
E-cigarettes and harm reductionUTube 29:4509/18/11
First television ads for e-cigarettesUTube 06:0211/06/12
E-cigs as effective as nicotine patchesUTube 07:0809/11/13
Dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettesUTube 08:4509/16/13
What about using herbal cigarettes to quit smoking?UTube 06:0609/04/14
Use Rationalizations
Keeping cigarettes to deal with stressUTube 04:1707/02/14
Why smoking does not help you overcome stressUTube 07:4506/23/14
Resources explaining nicotine and stress interactionUTube 02:1707/02/14
Actions speak louder than words or thoughtsUTube 03:2812/26/13
Quitting smoking: A fate worse than deathUTube 08:5312/13/13
My cigarette, my friend? (audio)UTube 03:2212/20/13
How would you deal with the following situations?UTube 04:3507/17/14
Smoking is easier than not smokingUTube 04:1403/28/14
Dying for a cigaretteUTube 01:0802/12/14
"But smoking is the only vice I have left"UTube 03:1802/10/14
"So I can't run marathons"UTube 05:2212/21/13
"I know I will quit again"UTube 11:1309/28/12
"Smoking benefits?"UTube 03:4009/20/12
Fear of failureUTube 03:5007/19/14
Fear of successUTube 03:0407/19/14
Fear of quitting smokingUTube4.09mb12.3mb5.04mb 11:0811/11/06
Joel's Halloween FearfestUTube 05:3910/31/14
Everything you did as a smoker you can do as an ex-smokerUTube 02:5605/02/14
"I will quit when ..."UTube 05:4408/06/11
"Is this an unlucky day to quit smoking?"UTube 01:4706/13/14
"I don't want to quit smoking"UTube 6.52mb19.5mb8.09mb17:40 10/11/06
"I smoke because I like smoking"UTube 09:4210/29/11
"I smoke because I'm self-destructive"UTube 03:0007/01/14
"I'm not buying cigarettes"UTube 03:2910/11/11
"I'll smoke anywhere I want"UTube2.74mb8.74mb3.94mb08:4410/18/06
"I can't drink alcohol without a cigarette"UTube1.36mb13.4mb1.67mb03:4309/27/06
"I'm safe from smoking because of my genetics?"UTube3.45mb 10.3mb4.26mb09:2411/24/06
"I can't quit or I won't quit"? UTube6.33mb28.6mb 10.15mb22:1510/16/06
"I can't quit smoking because I'm addicted"UTube 09:0508/16/12
"I'll have to use willpower for the rest of my life not to smoke"UTube 02:3006/27/14
"I'll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking"UTube3.87mb11.6mb 4.77mb 10:30 11/29/06
"I have to smoke when I talk on the phone"UTube2.77mb27.6mb3.43mb07:3009/27/06
"I'll never be as productive again if I quit smoking" UTube 2.95mb08.8mb63.mb08:01 11/24/06
Using to self medicate pre-existing conditionsUTube 06:0208/29/11
Amount smokedUTube 08:5008/04/12
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking!"UTube4.82mb14.4mb5.94mb13:0511/28/06
"After I lose weight I will quit smoking"UTube 04:4207/24/14
"I'm not joining this clinic"UTube4.62mb13.8mb5.73mb12:3309/27/06
Waiting to bottom outUTube 05:1809/07/12
Quitting is more doable than most people thinkUTube 01:4309/09/12
How to Stop
How to quit smokingUTube 13:4709/15/12
The Law of AddictionUTube 11:1908/06/12
Are you stronger than your cigarettes?UTube 02:4107/27/14
Cold turkey quittingUTube 05:0412/26/12
Gallup Poll: most quitters credit cold turkeyUTube 06:3508/08/13
One day at a timeUTube 03:4508/15/12
Make a list of why you want to quit smokingUTube2.26mb6.76mb2.77mb06:0911/22/06
Quitting often results in healthier looking skinUTube 03:5309/27/12
Smoking triggersUTube 07:4308/09/12
Using cigarettes as rewards [corrective thinking]UTube 04:1602/06/14
Avoid blood sugar symptomsUTube 2.03mb20.1mb2.51mb05:31 09/28/06
Possible changes in caffeine toleranceUTube 05:1109/24/12
Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol?UTube 03:2707/01/13
If you quit smoking with a lousy attitude...UTube    01:37 05/17/14
Be proud that you quit smokingUTube    03:13 09/13/14
Acknowledge the negative, dwell on the positiveUTube    13:09 08/27/12
Telling others that you have quit smokingUTube2.53mb7.58mb4.07mb08:5710/17/06
The Recovery Process
Starting day one of your quit - (links = daily lessons)UTube3.28mb5.84mb4.09mb09:0211/21/06
Starting day two of your quitUTube1.82mb 5.39mb2.33mb05:1011/21/06
Starting day three of your quitUTube1.37mb4.03mb 1.62mb03:5711/21/06
Starting day four of your quitUTube3.58mb10.6mb4.52mb09:5811/22/06
Starting day five of your quitUTube1.77mb5.26mb 2.18mb04:5011/23/06
Starting day six of your quitUTube3.63mb10.8mb4.53mb 09:5911/24/06
Starting week two of your quitUTube3.19mb9.54mb3.93mb08:4011/26/06
Getting on with the rest of your lifeUTube3.39mb10.1mb4.22mb09:2111/27/06
Videos addressing weekend issuesUTube 02:3806/13/13
What is withdrawal really like? UTube 06:4810/29/12
Going back to normal after quitting smokingUTube 10:0810/24/11
Tell a newbie how long each day you want a cigUTube 02:5806/20/13
"I feel 100% better since I quit smoking"UTube 08:4008/23/12
The first Monday morningUTube 03:2109/21/12
Predestined bad daysUTube 06:3406/09/14
Dreams of smokingUTube2.38mb7.10mb 2.92mb06:2811/10/06
The emotional stages of lossUTube3.05mb30.4mb3.78mb08:1809/28/06
New reactions to angerUTube 09:1508/09/12
How to do nothing without a cigaretteUTube 03:5101/13/14
Does everything smell and taste better after quitting?UTube 04:3608/16/12
"How long before I don't want a cigarette?"UTube 05:2508/14/12
Difference between physical & psychological urgesUTube 10:0010/08/12
"Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes?"UTube3.97mb11.9mb4.89mb10:4711/20/06
Crave or thoughts for cigarettes that occur over timeUTube 03:3802/28/14
Comparing quits with othersUTube 09:5401/06/11
Every quit is differentUTube 02:3011/04/14
Unexpected benefit after quittingUTube 07:4510/12/11
Incorporating exercise after quittingUTube 03:5509/21/12
Weight control concerns after quitting smokingUTube9.13mb21.9mb20.07mb43:5611/14/06
Change of season triggersUTube  04:2309/21/12
Holidays that result in three day weekendsUTube  09:2908/31/12
Quitting may lead to other self-improvementsUTube1.13mb11.2mb1.40mb03:0710/02/06
Common Recovery Pitfalls
Setting quit datesUTube 10:5308/30/12
Crutches to quit smokingUTube 16:4711/27/11
"Should I find a quit smoking buddy?"UTube 07:4601/06/11
Quitting for othersUTube 05:4611/05/11
Quitting smoking out of fearUTube 02:3607/29/14
"My support group is responsible"UTube 03:3707/12/14
The importance of quitting for yourselfUTube 03:5803/07/14
Carrying cigarettesUTube1.85mb5.70mb3.02mb06:3910/17/06
"What should I do with my leftover cigarettes?"UTube 04:5309/12/14
Carrying mock cigarettes (straw/nicotine-free e-cig)UTube 04:5802/26/14
Keeping replacement nicotine in case of emergencyUTube 05:3106/23/13
"What bad habit should I replace it with?"UTube1.86mb18.4mb2.30mb05:0410/02/06
"I want one!"UTube1.01mb5.36mb2.48mb05:3310/18/06
Just think of something else?UTube 01:5909/12/12
Smoking a cigarette will help me secure my quitUTube 03:2902/26/14
"I've got my smoking under control"UTube 06:0110/06/12
"I gave up smoking"UTube 02:0510/10/12
"I don't have a choice, I have to quit smoking"UTube 06:2905/15/14
"I'm trying to quit smoking"UTube 03:0006/11/13
"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette"UTube 03:5510/10/12
Offers for cigarettesUTube 06:3408/03/12
Well meaning offers for cigarettesUTube 07:0709/09/14
Finding cigarettes UTube  05:1708/03/12
Talking to others about not smokingUTube5.60mb16.8mb6.92mb15:1311/19/06
"I know I will quit smoking!"UTube2.37mb23.5mb2.98mb06:3009/29/06
Getting colds and flus after quitting UTube 1.46mb 11.1mb 4.57mb 10:0411/18/06
Is there such a thing as the "quitters flu?"UTube 06:5910/22/14
Avoiding situations where you used to smokeUTube4.67mb13.9mb5.75mb12:3911/29/06
Cigars and relapsingUTube 06:5105/26/13
Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit UTube 6.52mb19.5mb8.05mb 17:4211/12/06
Recovery Symptoms
"Will this get better?"UTube 04:2407/22/13
"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom ...?"UTube 07:4009/07/12
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?"UTube1.91mb18.9mb2.36mb05:1309/27/06
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" [Part 2]UTube 11:3307/22/11
Common symptomsUTube2.18mb21.6mb2.69mb05:5509/28/06
Disorientation that may occur when first quitting smokingUTube 08:3902/08/14
Medication adjustments that may be necessaryUTube 03:1307/26/13
Quitting smoking and mental healthUTube 03:5906/13/13
Why many people cough more after quittingUTube 06:3811/26/12
Does smoking cause my headaches? UTube 2.69mb07.4mb3.95mb08:3203/21/07
Relapse Prevention and Complacency
Never Take Another PuffUTube 04:2310/12/12
Are you smart enough for an IQ pin?UTube 02:4707/26/14
Good reasons to take puff after having quit smokingUTube 01:2507/13/14
Fear of relapsingUTube 03:2207/19/14
There is no legitimate reason to relapseUTube 06:4606/23/13
Fixating on a cigaretteUTube 02:5602/26/14
The urge hitsUTube 02:1907/23/14
Intentional relapsesUTube 02:2808/06/14
"It's inevitable, some smokers are going to relapse"UTube 03:4108/25/14
"You mean you haven't had a single puff?"UTube 02:2707/15/14
The smoker's vow (audio)UTube 01:2212/22/13
Words that translate to RELAPSEUTube 03:0307/16/14
Were you addicted?UTube 02:0002/11/14
Nicotine is nicotine is nicotineUTube 07:1006/21/13
"Boy, do I miss smoking" UTube 05:3407/23/13
The fallacy of "good cigarettes"UTube 03:4802/26/14
"I'm mad that I can't smoke anymore!"UTube 08:0110/02/12
If this is your first time quittingUTube 01:3919/10/12
Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process?UTube 13:1411/29/11
Come share your strength & recognize vulnerabilitiesUTube 04:3606/20/14
Can second hand smoke cause relapse?UTube 09:5008/28/12
Neither side is perfectUTube 02:2310/01/12
"Got through New Years! Boy, I deserve a cigarette!"UTube 06:3201/01/12
Terrible 3sUTube  07:5210/15/11
Short funny storyUTube 04:0510/14/11
Thoughts for cigarettes that may seem worse than when first quitting smokingUTube 04:5807/11/14
Be prepared for holiday triggersUTube 11:0211/24/11
Summer seasonal triggersUTube 11:0207/04/13
Election day: an important choice todayUTube 02:0811/06/12
Life goes on without smokingUTube 08:1212/15/11
Watching others smokeUTube 09:3310/13/11
"Miracle" aids for quitting smokingUTube 06:2107/05/14
Who wants to go back to smoking? UTube 2.61mb 25.9mb3.22mb07:0509/28/06
"I don't feel any better since I quit smoking!"UTube3.18mb31.6mb3.94mb08:3909/28/06
"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it"UTube3.83mb11.5mb4.73mb10:2411/08/06
"I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking"UTube2.69mb8.59mb3.78mb08:2310/18/06
What is your quit smoking mantra?UTube8.60mb14.0mb5.79mb12:4711/17/06
Quitting smoking is an optionUTube 04:4908/05/14
"If I relapse I'll smoke until it kills me"UTube 1.58mb 04.4mb 2.37mb05:1102/25/07
"I went back to smoking while in the hospital with pneumonia"UTube 03:4802/13/14
Longer-term quitters having "Bad Days"UTube 08:0708/13/12
The only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid lettersUTube3.16mb09.5mb3.87mb08:3611/27/06
An important choice must be made todayUTube 02:0611/06/12
Lost long term quitsUTube 04:3706/17/14
Is relapsing on nicotine a good learning experience?UTube 02:5710/29/14
A thirty year success storyUTube 02:3508/22/14
ComplacencyUTube 05:2308/14/12
Helping Others Quit
Helping others quitUTube 10:2208/06/12
Can you help a person quit who doesn't want to?UTube 09:0202/12/14
"Should I let him know that I know he is smoking?"UTube 07:0907/25/14
No one understandsUTube 12:5808/16/12
Videos Specific to Our Support Groups (Freedom & Turkeyville)
Are you ready for Freedom?UTube 12:0701/19/11
Why Freedom is a cold turkey siteUTube 09:1001/08/11
Teaching of conventional wisdomUTube 08:4508/29/12
Why Freedom discourages "buddy systems"UTube 05:0701/06/11
Quit site euphemisms that we discourage the use of at FreedomUTube 06:3109/05/12
Reading at other quit sitesUTube 04:0109/13/12
The Freedom from Nicotine Support BoardUTube 05:2308/15/14
No need to apologize for not posting for a whileUTube 04:0806/28/14
Sharing our materials at other quit sitesUTube 03:3609/13/12
E-cig discussions at FreedomUTube 05:2109/13/13
New Year's message for newer members and readersUTube 10:3212/31/10
New Year's message for longer term membersUTube 03:5112/31/10
Freedom's Quarterly StatsUTube 03:4012/30/10
About my work and materials
My work in the field of smoking prevention & cessationUTube 05:1907/31/14
How I started running quit smoking clinicsUTube3.87mb38.6mb4.80mb10:3209/28/06
How do you remember so many details?UTube 04:2709/04/14
"What did they do to you to make you quit smoking?"UTube 05:5208/11/14
Why I no longer conduct stop smoking clinicsUTube 05:4307/30/14
Why my resources are freeUTube 05:0908/06/12
A smoking cessation expert?UTube 15:2703/30/12
"You never smoked or quit, how can you know?"UTube 06:1007/03/13
Where is Joel?UTube 04:1103/01/12
Comments made to Joel's YouTube channelUTube 06:3904/13/12
Two hundred thousandth video view on YouTubeUTube 05:3409/25/12
New stop smoking materials and resourcesUTube 04:5712/30/12

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MP3 audio stop smoking counseling

Joel's MP3 Audio Counseling Download

The link below requires high speed Internet access as it allows one-step downloading of a large 264MB zipped file containing Joel's original 64 audio quitting lessons, 11 hours of listening. Depending on your Internet connection speed, the download time may take from 30 to 60 minutes. All you need to do is download the file, unzip it and load the individual (unzipped) files into your MP3 player. Our thanks to David King, who at 42 days into his own recovery created this zipped file in December 2009.

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Joel's Jukebox

Joel's Jukebox

This link to Joel's Jukebox takes you to an extremly fast online MP3 audio player that allows for
easy listening of Joel's audio stop smoking lessons. Our thanks to HWC for building this page.

Joel at clinic graduation night at two weeks into his full clinic.

Ask Joel

Ask Joel is a forum that indexes quit smoking questions that have previously been asked and answered by Joel, or questions related to ending chemical dependence upon smokeless tobacco (snuff, dip, snus or chewing tobacco) or upon NRT (the nicotine gum, lozenge, inhaler, spray or patch). If previously unasked, or unusual, your question and Joel's response may be posted to the Ask Joel messageboards so others might benefit. Take a look at previously asked questions to see if yours has already been answered. If not, e-mail it to Please use language suitable for youth. Thank you.

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