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WhyQuit News - Sunday, October 23, 2005

Butterfly - WhyQuit.com - Isn't it time for the real you to emerge, spread your wings and take flight?

How long does it take for all nicotine to exit the body after quitting? Why can smokers skip breakfast and lunch without experiencing hunger pains? How does nicotine interact with caffeine? What do you do when quitting if you have a drinking problem too?

Surprisingly, most smokers know very little about nicotine or quitting. Oh, they probably know how to put on a nicotine patch, chew nicotine gum or relax for a hypnotist, but amazingly few have ever taken the time to actually read the instructions that came with their addiction.

WhyQuit.com, a free quitting forum run by volunteer cessation counselors, has put together a short 30 question exam called "WhyQuit's Quitting Quiz." Designed as a teaching tool, the quiz automatically grades itself as each question is answered. Once the correct answer is selected it allows exam takers to explore explanations associated with unselected responses, without penalty.

Questions address the addictiveness of nicotine, the timing of physical withdrawal, how to avoid needless symptoms, crave episode duration and timing, crave coping techniques, the law of addiction, relapse prevention, quitting crutches, the emotional loss, quitting methods, and overcoming conscious rationalizations and minimizations.

Nicotine is just a chemical with an IQ of zero. When it comes to quitting, knowledge truly is a quitter's most potent weapon but only if acquired and put to work. The quiz is available at http://whyquit.com/whyquit/Quitting.htm.

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Knowledge is a Quitting Method!

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Article written October 23, 2005 and page last updated December 29, 2013 by John R. Polito