Be smart, don't start!

Eighteen year-old Kate, a Marlboro Light smoker, howing a sign which reads 'I smoke and it sucks.  Please don't start.Like many, Kate quickly became hooked. Although she started smoking to fit in with friends, in less than a week she found herself alone, with no friends around to try and impress, and her brain craving more nicotine. The quickness that Kate noticed in becoming trapped is common. It reality, it may only take one puff of nicotine to keep you coming back life. The question is, which puff will cause your brain to begin begging for more? Once hooked the question becomes, will you ever successfully arrest your chemical dependency or will you remain its slave and live the rest of your life behind bars?

The above photo is owned and was taken by John R. Polito on August 30, 2005. Kate has consented to her photo's use in association with any not-for-profit non-commercial youth smoking prevention or cessation education effort, as does John R. Polito, so long as the photo's use is accompanied by accrediation to Link to higher resolution version.

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