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決してその一服を吸わないで - Never Take Another Puff





It is not that I want people to feel that they need to fixate on not smoking 24 hours a day--but I want each participant to have all the pertinent information possible to focus on the new priority of not smoking. I want the participant to have all of the ammunition possible so that he or she is sufficiently prepared to face the triggers and problems that he or she will inevitable encounter in those first few days of quitting.

There is enough of a variety of pertinent, interesting and important information on smoking cessation that there should never be a need to divert any cessation group’s attention away from these topics to keep a board active. Quitting smoking is the reason why people should join, participate and stay in group cessation programs. People are there to reinforce their own resolve and to reinforce other member's resolve to stay quit. The goal of a quit site should be to help people to grow more secure in their quits so that they have the time and tools to really live their lives without fear of relapsing because they feel that they are not properly prepared or equipped to deal with all contingencies.

Smoking was robbing every smoker of precious time, both in the present, when smoking was pulling him or her away from others in order for him or her to once again deliver another nicotine fix, and in the long run by taking years or actual decades off of his or her actual life by prematurely killing the smoker. So, look upon a highly focused cessation forum as an important tool for helping every member acquire more time for life and the additional wonderful diversions that the added time will bring.

While engaging the group, devote all your time to focusing your attention on why you quit smoking and toward

helping others focus their attention on not smoking too. You will give yourself and each other the greatest gift possible--more time to live, both quality time and healthier time. In a way serious forums can give you the “time of your life” by simply focusing on reinforcing your decision to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

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Written April 2, 2007 and page format updated June 7, 2015 by John R. Polito