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How to quit smoking video viewed 50,000 times

May 20, 2013   John R. Polito

Imagine a temporary period of re-adjustment transporting you to entire days where you never once think about wanting to smoke nicotine. Would that be a good thing or bad? If good, what sense does it make to fear or dread coming home?

Created eight months ago, Joel Sptizer's "How to quit smoking" YouTube video today recorded its 50,000th view. The 14 minute video shares basic tips on how to stop smoking.

Joel Spitzer at graduation night at the end of one of his two week stop smoking clinics.Who is Joel Spitzer? Imagine the wisdom and insights you would develop after devoting 40 years, full-time, seven days a week, to helping smokers break free. A Chicago smoking cessation counselor since 1972, Spitzer freely shares his ebook ("Never Take Another Puff"), nearly 500 video lessons and more than 100 articles at WhyQuit.com inside Joel's Library.

More coins, no ash, improved breathing, restored self esteem, the ability to go where you want and stay as long as you like, contrary to the wanting you'll feel for that next fix, breaking nicotine's grip upon your mind and life is wonderful not horrible.

Imagine a simple YouTube quitting tips video providing the basic ammo needed to permanently silence your never ending cycle of wanting to smoke more nicotine.

Knowledge and understanding destroy fear diven anxieties. Become smarter than your addiction is strong. Explore Joel's Library.

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Written 05/20/13 and page reformatted 08/16/18 by John R. Polito