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Smokers waiting to bottom out often proves deadly

John R. Polito

Joel Spitzer's newest stop smoking video warns smokers about the risks of waiting for arrival of their first smoking related disease before deciding to get serious.

Bryan Lee Curtis was just 34. More than five million annual smoking related deaths, nearly half in middle-age, imagine your very first warning sign of any tobacco related disease being a massive heart attack or stroke, or, like Bryan, being diagnosed with advanced small cell lung cancer. Imagine having less than two months to live.

"Waiting to bottom out" is the newest addition to Joel Spitzer's growing collection of more than 200 free video quit smoking lessons.

Can you explain how smoking causes heart attacks and strokes? Circulatory disease is smoking's leading killer yet few smokers understand why. What about cancer? The following vidoes will aid you in understanding why smoking is the leading cause of premature death in every developed nation on earth.

Half of adult U.S. smokers lose 14 years of life expectancy due to smoking related causes.

Again, Bryan was 34 years-old when tobacco's 81 cancer causing chemicals ended his life. Noni was 33 and had just given birth to her first child. Deborah was 39.

WhyQuit has two support groups, Freedom and Turkeyville. Last year Freedom lost Neil, age 53, and Turkeyville lost Helen, age 50, to lung cancer. Both thought that they had quit smoking in time.

If they could only have seen on the outside the destruction they'd caused within. It's too late to save Noni, Bryan, Deb, Neil or Helen. But if they could be with you now, I know that each would do their very best to awaken you to the insanity of that next destructive puff.

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Written 09/07/12.
Reformatted 08/19/18 by John R. Polito