in oN Noni

Antigoni (Noni) Glykos
Born on March 13, 1966

December 27, 1996
Photo of Noni getting married
The dreams of a bride

Employment: a guide for Scandinavian tourists in Greece

Person Most Admired: her mother

Favorite Movie: Out of Africa

Passion: ancient history

Biggest Concern: being good at motherhood

Favorite Food: great Greek fish dishes

She was crazy about Christmas and loved decorating the house!

Favorite Colors: blue, black & white

Activity: Noni loved to travel

Favorite Song: Don't Pay the Ferryman

Favorite Drink: ice coffee frappe

Favorite Musician: Richard Claiderman (pianist)

December 1998
Photo of Noni in December 1998 smiling while standing in front of her Christmas tree
Presents under the tree
and a special gift in me!

December 18, 1998: Noni's son is born

December 25, 1998
Noni smiling on Christmas morning after her best Christmas ever
The best Christmas ever!

February 10, 1999:

Noni is diagnosed
with lung cancer.

February 13, 1999:

She is told she has less
than nine months to live.

February 14, 1999:

Noni learns that her lung
cancer has spread to
her brain and kidneys.

March 13, 1999

Video of Noni's courage & concern as she speaks at her final birthday.

Noni's final birthday

Her face is swollen as a tumor blocks blood flow back to her heart.

March 16, 1999
Noni holding her 3 month old son
A new mother's pride

June 20, 1999
Noni four days before her death

Noni died on June 24, 1999

Age 33 Years, 3 Months, 11 Days

A victim of small cell lung
cancer & Camel cigarettes

R.J. Reynolds' Camel cigarettes Pleasure to Burn or Pleasure that Burns?  Click to enlarge

"Pleasure to Burn"
"Pleasure that Burns?"

Noni started smoking
cigarettes at age 14

Noni's grave site

December 18, 1999
Noni's son's first birthday
Noni's son's first birthday

Her dream of her and her husband
building their own home died with her ...

... as did her dream of
having at least two children ...

... as did all her other dreams ...

... and many of the dreams
of those who loved her.

April 1, 2006

Hello everybody,

My name is John and I am Noni's brother. I live in Athens, Greece and I am also an ex-smoker who quit 5 years and 350 days ago. On the 16th of April it will be 6 full years and 2006 will mark the 7th year without my sister in our lives.

Believe it or not, there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of her and the fact that she died so young. She would have been 40 this past 13th of March and for sure she would have been angry because she always wanted to stay young.

I hope that she can "see" the impact of her life upon all of you. More than 2,000 messages the past 18 months alone! Most of them are related to quitting this nasty addiction that each year takes away so many! It is really hard to handle all the love and the emotions that you are "sending" through your messages but I save them so my children and most of all Noni's son will read them when they grow up.

Many times you make me cry, not because I feel sad but because you make me feel so proud about my sister's life and so lucky because I had her for 29 years in my life.


Thank you all on behalf of Noni.

God bless you,

John Glykos & Family
Athens, Greece

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