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Dipping and Vaping Support Groups

Our families love us but if they've never been addicted to a drug or navigated withdrawal, is it fair to expect them to appreciate recovery? Long-term successful ex-nicotine-users at on-line support groups do understand and are waiting, now, to support you.

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"Nicotine Cessation vs. Smoking Cessation"

Abrupt nicotine cessation and methods employing substitute nicotine or other dopamine enhancing chemials not only vary in the manner in which nicotine dependency recovery is approached, but in how each quitter defines abstinence (nicotine cessation vs. smoking or tobacco cessation), and when withdrawal is complete. This can result in vastly different recovery experiences requiring different needs, tools, counseling, support and skills at different times.

Regardless of your chosen method and definition of cessation, try not to base your recovery expectations upon what someone using a different method may be experiencing. The most important thing is that we each eventually break nicotine's grip upon our brain reward pathways and again become comfortable fully engaging life as "us!"

A quick word of caution to abrupt nicotine cessation quitters. Almost all support groups have articles, advertisements or other links that strongly encourage use of a growing array of alternative nicotine delivery devices, including e-cigarettes. If you've remained nicotine free for 72 hours then your blood serum is 100% nicotine-clean. Critical brain pathways once controlled by nicotine are now bathing and basking in nicotine-free oxygen-rich blood serum. They are rapidly re-sensitizing and the symptoms of chemical withdrawal have peaked in intensity and are now gradually beginning to subside. Although it can take 2 to 3 weeks for some symptoms to resolve, for you, the most intense portion of recovery is behind you. Introducing any nicotine back into your bloodstream, from any source, will force you to again need to endure another period of nicotine detox.

"Selecting the Forum That's Right for You"

When selecting a cessation site remain mindful that although they may appear similar on the surface that most are as different as night and day. Some have a unified cessation philosophy and structured education program while others do not. Some have professional counselors or permanent staff reviewing and correcting erroneous or detrimental advice while others do not. Some are deadly serious and highly focused clinic-type programs where general socialization is not permitted, while others are wonderful fun-filled anything-goes giant quitter pep-rallies where the "you can do it" spirit offered by fellow quitters fuels the group.

If you choose the later, be sure and engage in quality dependency recovery reading on the side, as the newness and excitement of the online experience will gradually evaporate. When it does, having knowledge, understanding and solid relapse prevention skills to fall back upon could very well save your recovery and life.

Reading or Posting at Multiple Sites

This post entitled "Reading at Other Quit Smoking Sites" was written by Joel and, although written with members of Freedom from Nicotine in mind, it provides a number of insights beneficial to those wishing to read or post at multiple forums.

None of us are stronger than nicotine but then we don't need to be as nicotine is simply a chemical with an I.Q. of zero. Once we take that final step and end all nicotine use, there is only one rule we each need follow in order to remain free for life - no nicotine today, Never Take Another Puff, Dip, Vape or Chew!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long!


John R. Polito
Founder and director of WhyQuit.com
Co-founder of Freedom and Turkeyville
Author of Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home

All of the below online programs are 100% free of charge


~ exclusively for cold turkey quitters ~

Quit Train

~ cold turkey and approved quitting products with vaping discouraged ~


~ open to all stop smoking methods + vaping ~


~ exclusively for smokeless/oral tobacco quitters ~

Voices of Nicotine Recovery

~ cold turkey or approved quitting product users ~

Reddit's StopSmoking

~ open to all stop smoking methods + vaping ~


~ open to all stop smoking methods + vaping ~


~ exclusively for cold turkey quitters ~

Quit Smokeless Community

~ smokeless tobacco quitters only ~

Quit.com Support

~ exclusively for NicoDerm CQ patch, Commit Lozenge, Nicorette gum quitters ~

Freedom from Nicotine

~ an archived cold turkey site that no longer accepts members ~

If you have updated information for any of the above forums, or would like to recommend inclusion of any "free" online cessation forum that is both "active" and has an established record of producing successful long term cessation, please send a quick e-mail to ...


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