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Free Video Quit Smoking Lessons

picture of a quit smoking video disc that may help you kick the cigarette habitImagine being a smoker, wanting to quit and bringing a professional quitting counselor into your home. Imagine being a doctor and instead of just telling smoking patients that they need to quit - something they all already knew - handing them a video disc containing more than twenty short counseling sessions.

A growing collection of quitting videos is being made available by Joel Spitzer, a full-time Chicago area smoking cessation counselor who has devoted more than 30 years to helping smokers break free.

Lessons range from understanding the emotional loss when quitting to the importance of maintaining stable blood sugar levels and avoiding low blood sugar symptoms. Spitzer helps quitters understand how each puff of nicotine fed them by pumping stored sugars and fats into their bloodstream and the need to return to eating normally again.

The lessons are shared as Windows media video files (wmv) in three formats: (1) higher resolution videos for those with high speed Internet access, (2) lower resolution videos for those using dial-up connections, and (3) as audio lessons which allow for quicker download.

The video and audio lessons are available in Joel's Library at WhyQuit.com. Users are encouraged to burn sharable disks for family members, friends, co-workers or patients.

When burning disks you may wish to include a copy of "Never Take Another Puff,' Joels free 149 page PDF quitting book or any of scores of other lessons shared at WhyQuit.

picture of Joel SpitzerThe only use requirements are that there never be any charge or cost to those receiving WhyQuit's materials, that they always remain as freely available as they are online, and that copyrights remain in place so that those receiving them never attempt to profit from their use.

Joel Spitzer presents regular stop smoking clinics and seminars for the Evanston and Skokie Illinois Departments of Health. Since 1976 he has presented 351 two-week, six-session clinics and nearly 600 single session seminars. Online, Spitzer has served as WhyQuit's Director of Education since 2000. More than 503,678 copies of "Never Take Another Puff," his free quitting book, were downloaded from August 2005 and September 2006.


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Contact: Joel Spitzer
(847) 328-7229

Joel's Video and Audio
Quit Smoking Lessons

Video Title
You Tube
Introduction to Joel's stop smoking video libraryUTube1.13mb10.8mb1.83mb10:0503/28/12
How to best utilize videosUTubeNoneNoneNone06:1703/29/12
Using these videos to quit smokingUTube4.02mb12.0mb5.04mb11:0711/21/06
Smoking's Costs
Money wasted on cigarettesUTube1.93mb6.19mb2.72mb06:0310/18/06
Closet smokersUTube 05:4508/16/12
The Palmolive bottle demonstration UTube 2.84mb 19.1mb3.55mb07:45 10/11/06
Learning how to inhale UTube1.70mb 16.8mb2.10mb04:3810/02/06
"I Don't Want To See Any Scary Pictures"UTube 09:4308/24/12
Heart and circulatory diseasesUTube2.81mb5.93mb8.82mb19:1811/03/06
Lung cancerUTube3.04mb6.55mb8.58mb18:4811/05/06
How smoking destroys the lungsUTube 1.55mb 4.59mb1.87mb 04:1311/27/06
Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysemaUTube 08:4710/30/11
Kids just don't get it UTube  11:4708/07/11
Premature deaths caused by smokingUTube 1.84mb3.62mb5.72mb12:3311/06/06
Addiction to Smoking Nicotine
You smoke because you're a smokeaholicUTube 03:4109/13/12
Why do smokers smoke? UTube2.65mb 5.70mb8.31mb18:0811/07/06
Addiction - the Surgeon General says ...UTube4.42mb13.2mb5.49mb12:0010/09/06
Criteria of addictionUTube4.09mb12.2mb5.09mb11:06 10/09/06
"Maybe a puff isn't that big of a deal UTube 06:2308/22/12
"Don't let a slip put you back to using"?UTube 08:1108/09/12
The lucky ones get hookedUTube 09:3511/30/11
"Get right back in the saddle?"UTube 04:5310/07/12
"I don't need to smoke"UTube3.86mb11.5mb4.75mb10:29 11/09/06
"What should I call myself?"UTube 07:5408/04/12
Are there social smokers?UTube 15:5610/29/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?"UTube 08:1909/27/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?" (old version)UTube1.23mb 12.1mb1.54mb03:2209/27/06
People in recovery from other addictionsUTube3.24mb 9.68mb4.00mb08:5011/20/06
Quit Smoking Methods, Products and Programs
Who should you believe?UTube 01:4909/11/12
Is cold turkey the only way to quit smoking?UTube 08:4008/12/12
Cold turkey quitting definedUTube 15:5203/01/12
How did the people you know quit smoking?UTube1.90mb18.8mb 2.34mb05:1009/27/06
"I Liked My Other Clinic More"UTube 07:5108/25/12
What programs do I recommend?UTube 07:1011/09/12
Being locked up to quit smokingUTube 06:3101/06/11
"Am I doomed to fail if I don't get professional help?"UTube 06:4701/06/11
Quitting by gradual withdrawalUTube 2.35mb7.54mb3.25mb07:13 10/18/06
My first encounter with NRTUTube3.99mb16.1mb6.66mb14:3711/16/06
Be prepared for confusing information UTube 07:2810/04/12
WhyQuit's candid views about Chantix (and Champix) UTube 17.8mb 53.3mb22.0mb48:1610/19/07
Our views on the need for harm reductionUTube 06:3110/05/12
E-cigarettes and harm reductionUTube 29:4509/18/11
First television ads for e-cigarettesUTube 06:0211/06/12
Use Rationalizations
"I know I will quit again"UTube 11:1309/28/12
"Smoking benefits?"UTube 03:4009/20/12
Fear of quitting smokingUTube4.09mb12.3mb5.04mb 11:0811/11/06
"I will quit when ..."UTube 05:4408/06/11
"I don't want to quit smoking"UTube 6.52mb19.5mb8.09mb17:40 10/11/06
"I smoke because I like smoking"UTube 09:4210/29/11
"I'm not buying cigarettes"UTube 03:2910/11/11
"I'll smoke anywhere I want"UTube2.74mb8.74mb3.94mb08:4410/18/06
"I can't drink alcohol without a cigarette"UTube1.36mb13.4mb1.67mb03:4309/27/06
"I'm safe from smoking because of my genetic makeup"UTube3.45mb 10.3mb4.26mb09:2411/24/06
"I can't quit or I won't quit"? UTube6.33mb28.6mb 10.15mb22:1510/16/06
"I can't quit smoking because I'm addicted"UTube 09:0508/16/12
"I'll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking"UTube3.87mb11.6mb 4.77mb 10:30 11/29/06
"I have to smoke when I talk on the phone"UTube2.77mb27.6mb3.43mb07:3009/27/06
"I'll never be as productive again if I quit smoking" UTube 2.95mb08.8mb63.mb08:01 11/24/06
Using cigarettes to self medicate pre-existing conditionsUTube 06:0208/29/11
Amount smokedUTube 08:5008/04/12
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking!"UTube4.82mb14.4mb5.94mb13:0511/28/06
"I'm not joining this clinic"UTube4.62mb13.8mb5.73mb12:3309/27/06
Waiting to bottom outUTube 05:1809/07/12
Quitting is more doable than most people thinkUTube 01:4309/09/12
How to Stop
How to quit smokingUTube 13:4709/15/12
The Law of AddictionUTube 11:1908/06/12
One day at a timeUTube 03:4508/15/12
Make a list of why you want to quit smokingUTube2.26mb6.76mb2.77mb06:0911/22/06
Quitting often results in healthier looking skinUTube 03:5309/27/12
Smoking triggersUTube 07:4308/09/12
Avoid blood sugar symptomsUTube 2.03mb20.1mb2.51mb05:31 09/28/06
Possible changes in caffeine toleranceUTube 05:1109/24/12
Carrying cigarettesUTube1.85mb5.70mb3.02mb06:3910/17/06
Acknowledge the negativ but dwell on the positiveUTube    13:09 08/27/12
Telling others that you have quit smokingUTube2.53mb7.58mb4.07mb08:5710/17/06
The Recovery Process
What is withdrawal really like? UTube 06:4810/29/12
Going back to normal after quitting smokingUTube 10:0810/24/11
"I Feel 100% Better Since I Quit Smoking"UTube 08:4008/23/12
The first Monday morningUTube 03:2109/21/12
Predestined bad daysUTube 05:1512/01/11
Dreams of smokingUTube2.38mb7.10mb 2.92mb06:2811/10/06
The emotional stages of lossUTube3.05mb30.4mb3.78mb08:1809/28/06
New reactions to angerUTube 09:1508/09/12
Does everything smell and taste better after you quit smoking?UTube 04:3608/16/12
"How long before I don't want a cigarette?"UTube 05:2508/14/12
Difference between physical and psychological urgesUTube 10:0010/08/12
"Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes?"UTube3.97mb11.9mb4.89mb10:4711/20/06
Comparing quits with othersUTube 09:5401/06/11
Unexpected benefit after quittingUTube 07:4510/12/11
Incorporating exercise after quittingUTube 03:5509/21/12
Weight control concerns after quitting smokingUTube9.13mb21.9mb20.07mb43:5611/14/06
Change of season triggersUTube  04:2309/21/12
Holidays that result in three day weekendsUTube  09:2908/31/12
Quitting may lead to other self-improvementsUTube1.13mb11.2mb1.40mb03:0710/02/06
Common Recovery Pitfalls
Setting quit datesUTube 10:5308/30/12
"I want one!"UTube1.01mb5.36mb2.48mb05:3310/18/06
Just think of something else?UTube 01:5909/12/12
Quitting for othersUTube 05:4611/05/11
"Should I find a quit smoking buddy?"UTube 07:4601/06/11
"I've got my smoking under control"UTube 06:0110/06/12
Crutches to quit smokingUTube 16:4711/27/11
"What bad habit should I replace it with?"UTube1.86mb18.4mb2.30mb05:0410/02/06
"I gave up smoking"UTube 02:0510/10/12
"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette"UTube 03:5510/10/12
Offers for cigarettesUTube 06:3408/03/12
Finding cigarettes UTube  05:1708/03/12
Talking to others about not smokingUTube5.60mb16.8mb6.92mb15:1311/19/06
"I know I will quit smoking!"UTube2.37mb23.5mb2.98mb06:3009/29/06
Getting colds and flus after quitting UTube 1.46mb 11.1mb 4.57mb 10:0411/18/06
Avoiding situations where you used to smokeUTube4.67mb13.9mb5.75mb12:3911/29/06
Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit UTube 6.52mb19.5mb8.05mb 17:4211/12/06
Recovery Symptoms
"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom ...?"UTube 07:4009/07/12
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?"UTube1.91mb18.9mb2.36mb05:1309/27/06
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" [Part 2]UTube 11:3307/22/11
Common symptomsUTube2.18mb21.6mb2.69mb05:5509/28/06
Does smoking cause my headaches? UTube 2.69mb07.4mb3.95mb08:3203/21/07
Relapse Prevention and Complacency
Never Take Another PuffUTube 04:2310/12/12
"I'm mad that I can't smoke anymore!"UTube 08:0110/02/12
If this is your first time quittingUTube 01:3919/10/12
Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process?UTube 13:1411/29/11
Can second hand smoke cause relapse?UTube 09:5008/28/12
Neither side is perfectUTube 02:2310/01/12
"Got through New Years! Boy, I deserve a cigarette for that!"UTube 06:3201/01/12
Terrible 3sUTube  07:5210/15/11
Short funny storyUTube 04:0510/14/11
Be prepared for holiday triggersUTube 11:0211/24/11
Life goes on without smokingUTube 08:1212/15/11
Watching others smoke UTube 09:3310/13/11
Who wants to go back to smoking? UTube 2.61mb 25.9mb3.22mb07:0509/28/06
"I don't feel any better since I quit smoking!"UTube3.18mb31.6mb3.94mb08:3909/28/06
"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it"UTube3.83mb11.5mb4.73mb10:2411/08/06
"I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking"UTube2.69mb8.59mb3.78mb08:2310/18/06
What is your quit smoking mantra?UTube8.60mb14.0mb5.79mb12:4711/17/06
"If I relapse I'll smoke until it kills me"UTube 1.58mb 04.4mb 2.37mb05:1102/25/07
Longer-term quitters who say they are having "Bad Days"UTube 08:0708/13/12
The only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid lettersUTube3.16mb09.5mb3.87mb08:3611/27/06
An important choice must be made todayUTube 02:0611/06/12
ComplacencyUTube 05:2308/14/12
Helping Others Quit
Helping others quitUTube 10:2208/06/12
No one understandsUTube 12:5808/16/12
Videos Specific to Our Support Group Freedom
Are you ready for Freedom?UTube 12:0701/19/11
Why Freedom is a cold turkey siteUTube 09:1001/08/11
Teaching of conventional wisdomUTube 08:4508/29/12
Why Freedom discourages "buddy systems"UTube 05:0701/06/11
Quit site euphemisms that we discourage the use of at FreedomUTube 06:3109/05/12
Reading at other quit sitesUTube 04:0109/13/12
Sharing our materials at other quit sitesUTube 03:3609/13/12
New Year's Message for Newer Members and ReadersUTube 10:3212/31/10
New Year's Message for Longer Term MembersUTube 03:5112/31/10
Freedom's Quarterly StatsUTube 03:4012/30/10
About My Work and Materials
How I started running quit smoking clinicsUTube3.87mb38.6mb4.80mb10:3209/28/06
Why my resources are freeUTube 05:0908/06/12
A smoking cessation expert?UTube 15:2703/30/12
Where is Joel?UTube 04:1103/01/12
Comments made to Joel's YouTube channelUTube 06:3904/13/12
Two hundred thousandth video view on YouTubeUTube 05:3409/25/12

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