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Chapter 4: Use Rationalizations

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"I do it for pleasure"

"I smoke for pleasure." Pleasure? It's the Newport sales cry and it's highly effective.

Pleasure is defined as a state of gratification, a source of delight, satisfaction or joy. Wanting is defined as feeling a need, strong desire, suffering from the lack of something, or requiring it.

Calling the satisfaction of wanting pleasure is akin to saying that it feels good to stop pounding your thumb with a hammer. Still, it's high quality bait, one of the most powerful use rationalizations of all, and the industry loves it.

The tobacco industry knows how easy it is to confuse wanting with pleasure. Look around. Industry pleasure marketing is everywhere, subliminal and constantly assaulting the subconscious mind.

Intentionally substituting joy for need, if pleasure marketing wasn't highly effective we wouldn't see so much of it.

Have you ever seen an advertisement showing a smoker badly in need of a smoke? And you won't. When photos or pictures are used with pleasure marketing they show smokers laughing, carefree and having the time of their life.

Our pleasure rationalization sinks its teeth into nicotine's dopamine induced "aaah" while totally ignoring the wanting, urge and anxiety that preceded it.

We are true drug addicts. This isn't about pleasure but about the mind's survival instincts teacher teaching another false lesson after having again been activated by nicotine.

Pleasure? Try to imagine anything more intellectually dishonest than suggesting that smokers smoke for pleasure. Try to imagine anything more criminal than to hang signs along public streets that falsely teach children that smoking is about pleasure.

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