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Chapter 4: Use Rationalizations

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"My coffee won't taste the same"

WhyQuit coffe cup containing cigarttes

There's some truth here but probably not for the reason you're thinking. Toxins in tobacco smoke seriously impair our ability to accurately smell both coffee and cigarettes.

It also increases the risk of taste impairment (an inability to detect very small amounts of one or more of the four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter) by 71% in smokers smoking 20 or more cigarettes per day.[124]

As Joel teaches, smells and flavors may not be better after ending tobacco use but will certainly be more accurate. Once our senses heal, many find that coffee's smell and taste actually improves.

Your morning coffee experience can be far richer than when smoking. Imagine smelling the aroma of brewing coffee when the pot is more than 50 feet away.

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124. Vennemann MM, et al, The association between smoking and smell and taste impairment in the general population, Journal of Neurology, July 28, 2008 [Epub ahead of print].

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