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Best Way to Stop Smoking in 2018

by John R. Polito

A night-time arial fireworks photo captioned Nicotine-Free 2018 WhyQuit.comNew Year's day has come and gone. But does that mean it's too late to allow today to become the most liberating day of your life?

Aren't you just a tad curious about what it would be like to succeed and have withdrawal over and done forever, to never have to think about quitting again?

Do you allow yourself to dream about at last being successful in taking back your mind, mouth, priorities, time, hands, coins, opportunities, your smell, self esteem, breathing, honesty, health, endurance, thinking, smile, freedom, and life? But how?

The vast majority of ex-smokers stopped smoking cold turkey. It's true. But don't take my word for it. Instead, take your own poll of all former smokers you know who have successfully been off of all forms of nicotine for at least a year. You'll discover an elephant in the room.

Their common thread? They abruptly ended nicotine use, side-stepping the urge and intrigue to play weaning games. Key to success is in treating nicotine addiction as real drug addiction that is as permanent as alcoholism.

Frankly, the recovering alcoholic can't survive a sip any more than we can a puff, dip, vape or chew. Brain scan studies teach us that just one puff when attempting to stop smoking and up to 50% of brain a4b2-type dopamine pathway receptors become occupied by nicotine.

While a majority who attempt to "cheat" while quitting walk away feeling like they've gotten away with it, we cannot cheat nicotine compromised brain circuitry, pathways designed to make activating events nearly impossible to forget in the short term (the time needed for recovery). And it isn't long before they find their brain wanting, plotting to obtain or even begging for more.

Joel Spitzer's "How to Quit Smoking" video
has nearly a quarter of a million views.

The above "How to Quit" video is by my mentor Joel Spitzer, the Babe Ruth of smoking cessation. Although I can't prove it, I strongly suspect that Joel holds the world's record for the most days devoted to presenting live smoking cessation programs.

Want to meet thousands who've taken Joel's cold turkey lessons to heart? Spend a few minutes reading at Facebook's Turkeyville.

Still not convinced? Need additional motivation? Explore WhyQuit. It was built with the "not now," "not just yet" smoker in mind.

Think waiting another year before getting serious won't matter? Visit Freedom and read Neil's recovery diary.

The bottom line? Being home again is vastly more do-able and infinitely more wonderful than your wanting for that next fix will suggest.

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