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Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home

December 31, 2008   John R. Polito

Free e-book arrives just in time for New Year's quitting resolutions.

Click to download Freedom from Nicotine Whether your New Year's quitting resolution is to quit smoking cigarettes, end oral tobacco use, stop vaping e-cigs or break free from the nicotine gum or lozenge, you're in luck! Packed with quitting insights, Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home is a free, 291 page, 6.5mb pdf e-book.

"Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home" was written by John R. Polito, a former 30-year heavy smoker, and founder and director of WhyQuit, a popular free online quitting site. How popular? Founded in July 1999, WhyQuit annually receives 2.5 times as many unique visitors as the total number of calls to the U.S. government's telephone quitline (2.2 million versus 880,887).

With more than 400 footnotes, most linked to medical journal articles, Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home shares the research and science underlying the cessation method which, by far, undeniably accounts for more long-term success stories each year than all other methods combined.

"Pharmaceutical industry influence falsely portrays cold turkey quitting as nearly impossible and non-science-based," says Polito. "The assertions are insane and it's time to fight back."

Most recently, a July 2013 Gallup Poll found that more successful ex-smokers quit smoking cold turkey than by all other methods combined. As for approved quitting products, after 300 years (since 1984) and billions spent on marketing, the Gallup Poll found that only 1% of ex-smokers used nicotine gum (Nicorette), with only 2% succeeding by use of all prescription products combined (Chantix, Zyban and the nicotine inhaler and nasal spray).

As Polito asked in a November 19, 2013 letter published in the British Medical Journal, "How much closer to consumer fraud can approved products get?"

WhyQuit is also home to Joel Spitzer's free e-book Never Take Another Puff, to more than 200 free video counseling lessons and to two free online support group, Turkeyville, Facebook's most popular quitting site, and Freedom, a Yuku messageboard forum. All sites decline donations and are staffed entirely by volunteer cessation educators.

Master the lessons shared in "Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home" and experience the magic that happens once we become more dependency recovery savvy than nicotine's influence upon our brain!

Download Individual Chapters of FFN-TJH
Chapter 7:  The Roadmap Home (383 KB)
Chapter 8:   The First 72 Hours (327 KB)
Introduction (422 KB)
Chapter 9:   Physical Recovery (460 KB)
Chapter 1:  Nicotine Addiction 101 (967 KB) Chapter 10:  Emotional Recovery (400 KB)
Chapter 2:  The Law of Addiction (467 KB) Chapter 11:  Subconscious Recovery (574 KB)
Chapter 3:  Quitting You (556 KB) Chapter 12:  Conscious Recovery (411 KB)
Chapter 4:  Use Rationalizations (1,012 KB) Chapter 13:  Homecoming (195 KB)
Chapter 5:  Packing for the Journey Home (1,504 KB) Chapter 14:  Complacency & Relapse (462 KB)
Chapter 6:  Common Hazards & Pitfalls (1,013 KB)
Download Full PDF (6,547 KB)

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Written 12/31/08.
Reformatted 08/25/18 by John R. Polito