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Messages from cold turkey ex-smokers who have quit smoking for at least 1 year

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Our turkey's triumph victory messages
#640 - 07/01/14

ONE YEAR TODAY!!!! BEST decision I have EVER made!!! I have made so much progress over this last year but it all started with this! My mom and dad are joining in on my success today by quitting cold turkey as well!!! They are prepared ready and anxious. I am just glad I have been able to inspire them and hope to inspire many more!

Some of my milestones:

Kristin Carey

#639 - 06/29/14


One year today and it just started with one day at a time. I remember 1 year ago when I was reading posts of other peoples success, well now that I am here I realised that my success began on day one when I decided to start my quit. Thanks to all and NTAP.

Tim McClimont

#638 - 06/27/14

I've never said thank you. I quit 4 years ago and clung to your web page and videos for dear life!!! I did not really think it was possible. It certainly wasn't easy, but I'm so thankful it is done! Your article explaining how we are nothing but regulators for our nicotine level really opened my eyes. Your videos kept me armed and ready for the battles. Just thank you so much for being there!!!! (I'll admit I would get so mad at you and even yell sometimes! Haha. But, now I’m just grateful for you.)

Pamela Watts

#637 - 06/27/14

Two years free from nicotine today. I found this article on day two and it changed my whole outlook on how to be successful. Keep all forms of nicotine out, one challenge at a time, and it gets easier. https://whyquit.com/whyquit/LinksAAddiction.html

Jeff Sheedy

#636 - 06/27/14

Feeling very proud. I have achieved one year nicotine free today. Thank you all for keeping this motivating and supportive page active and updated. Although I don't post much, I am here often, drawing on the support and encouragement of each other. 😊 x

Georgina Wallace

#635 - 06/24/14

This time last year I was having a horrible day ... I couldn't wait for it to be over, everything I did was a trigger ... I wanted a cigarette, I wanted lots of cigrettes. Without the videos on UTube by Joel and the Freedom website I could have never made this journey. I learned here that knowledge is power, and learning that I was an addict and what this meant was the key. Watching and reading got me through those tough early days, one day at a time. And here I am, one year and one day later, having a wonderful day, no need for nicotine or thoughts of wanting a cigarette. I feel FREEEEEEEEEE!

This has been quite a year and an interesting journey. I don't think of wanting to smoke anymore, and cannot remember my last crave. Thoughts about cigarettes are prompted by the smell or seeing someone smoke, and the thought is always how lucky I am that I took that first step and followed through. I decided to quit, with fear in my heart but faith in the simple truth that if I NTAP one day at a time I would once again live a life free of needing or wanting nicotine.

I am currently taking off a little extra weight that I put on, I was a little to generous with rewarding myself with goodies for not smokingimage. Two months ago I purchased a recumbent bike and assembled it myself image. I am healthier now then I have ever been and I am happier and I have removed the stress caused by smoking in my daily life!

Thank you Joel, John, and Freedom Staff. And thank you to all who posted in my journal and helped and supported me throughout my quit. I will remain vigilant.

Life on the Lido deck is great, thanks for saving me that perfect seat Mary! This is so much fun, being free and in that comfort zone. There is plenty of room for more up here, so keep on climbing!


GOLD - 1 year, 1 day and 11 hours nicotine free, over 10,989 cigarettes not smoked and over $4,808 saved.

#634 - 06/24/14

Woohoo! Yay me! One year ago TODAY I became a non-smoker. No cigs since then and I am so happy. Thank you to all of you who encouraged and said "you got this"!

Joy Robinson Liebengood

#633 - 06/21/14

One year today people! Hang in there!

Dennis Hart

#632 - 06/21/14

Thank you for Turkeyville & WhyQuit. Because of these sites and all support from friends & family I have been smoke free for 1 year today! Woohoo! NTAP

Carol Blahnik

#631 - 06/20/14

Guess what??? This time tomorrow I will be the goldest Turkey you've ever seen ;D SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of myself!

Paige Summerfieldd

#630 - 06/15/14

Today is 1 year for me after 45 years of addiction!

Annette Lancia

#629 - 06/12/14

Found your site by chance on Web the day I decided to quit after 27 years smoking @15 cigs per day. It worked. Have been nicotine free 11 months!! Graciaaaaaaaaaaas!!

Marisa Mavias

#628 - 06/09/14

Tonight I will go to sleep, tomorrow I will wake up and will have accomplished a year without the use of tobacco or nicotine of any kind. This is most amazing. How did I do it? One day at a time. How do I feel breathing? Great, clear and free from the dependance. There was nothing special to accomplishing this only saying "no" and keeping the nicotine on the outside. If you don't use nicotine it has no power over you.

Paul V Williams

#627 - 06/09/14

My name is Scott and I have been free of smoking and all nicotine products for the last 10 years. This site is definitely a life saver and cold turkey is the best route to go. I read everything here, that helped me gain the education I need to successfully quit. I don't think of cigarettes anymore and when I see other people smoking it does not faze me. If you are still smoking I highly recommend this site and I highly recommend going the cold turkey route. It worked for me.

Scott Marshall

#626 - 06/07/14

Gold for me! I have smoked for 30 some years and have been quit for one year today. I remember when I started this journey and how I found WhyQuit.com. I was feeling so miserable at the beginning of my quit and was searching the internet for a recovery timetable, anything really that would keep me going. I found it – and so much more; a wealth of knowledge and support - thank you WhyQuit, Freedom, and Turkeyville.

What made the biggest difference to me was (and is) the Nicotine Addiction 101 article. It makes so much sense once you know what nicotine does to your brain and you come to understand (and accept) the law of addiction. 1=All – it really is that simple.

To all the newbies out there, hang in there. It's doable and so, so worth it. Turkey on and NTAP!

Isabella Jansen

#625 - 06/07/14

One year and one day....will always remember my quit day, like how could you forget?

This website was a great help, think it was the final help. Have shared with a few of my continuing to smoke friends. The one and biggest help was the mantra...NTAP!!!

Thanks....for the support and sharing the info ALL in one place!! Better days!!

Tammi Pestik

#624 - 06/04/14

One year ago today, on 4 June 2013, I woke up determined to quit FOREVER. I'd smoked on and off for over thirty years and I felt terrible. I'd given up so many time before and now I was a so-called 'secret' smoker. (Ha! Who did I think I was fooling? All the extra-strong mints and perfume and hand cream in the world couldn't cover up the stink of tobacco that surely clung to me wherever I went.)

Talk about a desperado. I'd get up and leave for work extra early to give me time to chain-smoke a couple of cigarettes before I went into the office. Same thing after work. Sometimes I'd invent excuses to leave the house in the evening ('Oh, I'm sure we need more milk') just so I could stand behind my car and feed my addiction one more time before bed. I lied to my partner and my kids, swearing I no longer smoked. Yet I spent so much time plotting and planning the next cigarette! And then feeling disgusted with myself, that I'd failed again.

I'd discovered in the past that stopping smoking wasn't actually that hard for me in terms of terrible craves, for instance. Quitting never felt too bad initially. But staying quit, ah, that was the thing. Somehow, a few days, weeks or months in, I always ended up 'just having one' - and of course that would be the end of that quit. And I always seemed to end up smoking even more than I had been before once I started again too.

I have spent so much time lurking on WhyQuit.com this past year. Tonight, the gold anniversary of my quit, is such a wonderful opportunity to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you for the brilliant, literally life-saving resource that is this site. The education on WhyQuit is THE most important factor in making a successful quit. I love how the range of approaches here, from the heartbreaking stories and gruesome pictures that will galvanise some smokers into action through shock tactics, the Freedom forums for those who find comfort and support from sharing their journeys with others, to the impressive collection of knowledge around the physical and emotional effects of smoking - and quitting - and the mindset of nicotine addiction.

The thing that most struck a chord for me was the re-framing of the mental conversation around 'just having one', that is, acknowledging that there was no such thing. I came to understand, as I never had before, that having that one 'good' cigarette actually meant being prepared to embrace all the others that come with it - meant going back to smoking, in fact. That was something I was fiercely determined not to do. And thanks to WhyQuit.com I never, ever will.

Becoming a non-smoker is the best thing I've ever done and has given me the confidence to change other parts of my life that weren’t working for me. I am fitter, healthier, happier - and I sure smell a whole lot better too. I can't remember the last smoker I met who wasn't hoping to quit. Anyone who asks me how I did it, I send them straight to the site.

Sorry this has turned into a novel. I am truly, madly, deeply grateful to all the folks who give their time and expertise to helping smokers like me liberate themselves. It's a beautiful world on the other side of this addiction and I am so happy to be living smoke free by following the simple rule: never take another puff!


#623 - 06/03/14

GOLD TODAY yippee, one whole year of FREEDOM, to all you guys newbies or not, keep on NTAP, it works !!

Alan Grimes

#622 - 06/02/14

I am one year smoke free as of last week, I am so happy and amazed I could do it.

Chelsea Espinoza

#621 - 05/30/14

I am 365 days nicotine free. I am a Golden Turkey one time. I am proud. Come to my party and celebrate with me.

Eric Alberts

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