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Who did R.J. Reynolds Advertising Target During the Summer of 2004?

This poll survey presents two recent R.J. Reynolds magazine advertisements and invites readers to explore their aim. This first full-page ad appeared in the August 30, 2004 issue of "People" magazine at page 10. Examine it closely and then compare your observations with those of others.

The ad shows five human silhouettes. What are their ages?

Age 14 to 19
Age 20 to 29
Age 30 to 39
Age 40 to 49
Age 50 to 59
Age 60 to 69
Over age 70

What is the primary message being conveyed by the ad?

Smoking Winston is associated with adventure
Smoking Winston will help you make friends
Winston smokers enjoy greater romance
Smoking Winston is a way to rebel against the bull in life
Winston has fewer additives
Those who work or play at night smoke Winston
Some other message

This ad is primarily aimed ...

at attracting new smokers
at enticing existing smokers to change brands
equally at both new and existing smokers

The above full-page R.J. Reynolds ad appeared in "Time" magazine on July 19, 2004 on page 81. The resolution of this scanned image lacks detail. The original says "Camel," "Pleasure To Burn," "The official blends of summer - for a limited time only," and shows two new flavors of Camel cigarettes "Kauai Kolada" with "Hawaiian Hints of Pineapple & Coconut" and to the right "Twista Lime" "A Citrus Tiki Taste Sensation!" To the left of "Kauai Kolada" is a coconut drink with two straws and an umbrella in it. To the left of "Twista Lime" is half a lime and behind it what appears to be a raspberry. The ad discloses that both brands release an average of .9 mg of nicotine and 11 mg. of tar per cigarette, as measured by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's smoking machine.

What age group does R.J. Reynolds target with this Camel advertisement?

8 to 12
13 to 17
18 to 22
23 to 27
28 to 32
33 to 43
44 to 54
55 to 69
Over age 70
Targets all age groups equally

What is the ad's primary message?

It is pleasurable to smoke cigarettes
Ride the camel to a tropical adventure in a far away land
Beautiful girls will like you if you smoke
It's official, this will be the summer's fad - don't miss out
Two new great tastes that you must experience - smokers smoke for taste
Smoking goes great with alcohol
Some other message

This Camel ad is primarily aimed ...

at attracting new smokers
at enticing existing smokers to change brands
equally at both new and existing smokers

Is R.J. Reynolds intentionally targeting its marketing to youth under age 18?

Absolutely - beyond any doubt
It's highly probable
More likely than not
I'm not sure
Highly unlikely
Absolutely not

What is your smoking status?

Current smoker

What is your age?

Age 14 to 19
Age 20 to 29
Age 30 to 39
Age 40 to 49
Age 50 to 59
Age 60 to 69
Over age 70

Sincere thanks to Peter at Free Web Polls and to "you" for participating!

Canada's addiction warning label

Canadian governement's addiction warning label

Why still no U.S. addiction warning label?

Are the Marketing Messages True or False?

R.J. Reynolds October 2004 Magazine Ads

Page = ad image    Brand = brand website

Ad Message
Nature made it - naturally smooth
Casual Friday - no additives
Stir the senses - intense, spirited
Stir the senses - black label
Stir the senses - hot tub/candles
Field & Stream
Group therapy - no additives
Stir the senses - rich, intense
Rolling Stone
Leasure to burn - cool jazz player

R.J. Reynolds' October 30, 2004
Website Representations to America

"We do not encourage nonsmokers to start smoking."

"We do not want children to smoke, not only because it is illegal to sell cigarettes to minors in every state, but also because of the health risks and because children lack the maturity of judgment to assess the risks."

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

R.J. Reynolds' November 23, 1998
Contractual Promise to America


(a) Prohibition on Youth Targeting

No Participating Manufacturer may take any action, directly or indirectly, to target Youth within any Settling State in the advertising, promotion or marketing of Tobacco Products, or take any action the primary purpose of which is to initiate, maintain or increase the incidence of Youth smoking within any Settling State.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (Page 210)

Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), November 1998, Agreement Page 15, PDF Page 22

Additional R.J. Reynolds Marketing Insights

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