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Turning World No Tobacco Day Into Victory

John R. Polito

WhyQuit's World No Tobacco Day 2019 logo Imagine year after year wanting to quit, while wanting that next nicotine fix even more. But what if that was reversible? What if you could become vastly more dependency recovery savvy than your addiction is strong? May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. It's a golden opportunity to do just that. But how?

The Internet's #1 non-government quit smoking site is "WhyQuit.com." It's home to some of the most knowledgeable ex-smokers on earth. WhyQuit doesn't want your money. The site is commercial free, sells nothing, spends no money on advertising, refuses link exchanges, declines donations and is staffed entirely by volunteers. It owes its popularity almost entirely to successful quitters spreading the word.

So what do those quitters know that you don't? They know that knowledge isn't just power but a quitting method, that most quitting fears, anxieties and symptoms are self induced.

They've studied in Joel's Library where they watched Joel's 64 video quitting lessons or read his highly popular free ebook, "Never Take Another Puff."

Click on the above image to read Bryan's warning about not quitting smoking in time.
These photos of Bryan Lee Curtis were taken 67 days apart and show lung cancer's ravage.

They've come to know a few of tobacco's millions of victims such as Bryan age 34, Susan 43, Sean 19, Kim 44, Brandon 23, Deborah 38, Noni 33, Quentin 23, and Chris 43. And they've witnessed high quality group support at what is likely the Internet's most serious quitting forum, Freedom from Nicotine or at WhyQuit's new Facebook group, Turkeyville.

Most importantly, they understand and have mastered the Law of Addiction, that "administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of dependence upon the addictive substance." They know that just one puff and within seconds up to 50% of their brain's dopamine pathway receptors would become occupied by nicotine. They understand that nicotine dependency is every bit as real and permanent as alcoholism, that they can fully arrest their dependency but they cannot cure or kill it, that one puff will always be too many and a thousand never enough.

The nicotine dependency feeding cycle They've learned that nicotine addiction is a brain wanting disorder, illness and disease in which chemically captive dopamine pathways endlessly pound out the false message that that next nicotine feeding is as important as eating food.

They've discovered that nicotine addiction is about living a lie. That contrary to the endless stream of wanting, that smoking nicotine did not define who they were, give them their edge, help them cope and that life here on Easy Street is wonderful not bad. They've discovered that everything they used to do while smoking nicotine can be done as well as or better without it.

If still hooked, will this World No Tobacco Day be just another day of blind obedience to recurring wanting flowing from hijacked brain dopamine pathways, or a day for learning and discovery? We invite you to visit and explore WhyQuit.com where knowledge becomes power. Yes you can!

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Written 05/25/11 and page reformatted 08/15/18 by John R. Polito