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Death by Smoking

How should your family describe your cause of death?
Was it suicide, murder, an accident or stupidity?

Although the below chart was compiled primarily using 2006 United States ,
data, your nation's overall death category percentages may be fairly similar.

Cause of Death

How to Prevent These Deaths

2006 Deaths


condoms, education, research

Asthma no prevention, only treatment 3,613
Auto Accidents seatbelts, airbags, highway safety, training 45,316
Bike Accidents reflectors, lights, helmets and training 714
Breast Cancer mammography and medical research 41,210
Diabetes medical research 72,449
Drowning life jackets, swimming lessons, supervision 3,579
Influenza treatment, vaccines 849
Falls awareness, safety harnesses and helmets 20,823
Fires & Burns alarms, extinguishers, education and planning 3,109
Gun Accidents deprive children of access and hunter training 642
Hepatitis vaccine (A&B) and clean needles & testing (C) 7,250
Illegal/Legal Drugs motivation, education and support 24,400
Leukemia research, exercise, diet, and no tobacco 21,944
Lightening stay indoors and wear rubber shoes 57
Liver Disease sound diet, max. 2 oz. of alcohol, research 27,555
Meningitis vaccinations 634
Murder police, courts, prisons, awareness 18,573
Poisoning secure cleaning fluids, poisons and pills 27,531
Prostate Cancer testing, exercise, diet, research 28,372
Shark Attacks awareness, education 1
Skin Cancer limit sun exposure, use screening products 8,441
Snake Bites awareness, boots, vaccines 5
counseling, medication and love 33,300
Syphilis abstinence, condoms, education 36
Tuberculosis treatment, vaccine, education 652
Ulcers avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine 3,323






Death by Tobacco

Suicide?  Murder?  Accident?  Stupidity?

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Why Wear Seatbelts?

Today there are roughly 46 million current smokers in the United States, which is nearly 20% of our entire population.  If 20% of the 45,316 who died in 2006 automobile accidents were smokers, your chances of dying from smoking are roughly 50 times greater than being killed in a vehicle collision.  With those kind of odds, why even wear a seatbelt?

With roughly 200,000 middle-aged U.S. smokers expected to die from smoking related diseases this year, each an average of 22.5 years early, wouldn't it make more sense to sell the seatbelts and the airbags and use the money for a down payment on a coffin?

I corresponded with a 46 year-old with terminal lung cancer vicitim who has little time remaining.  We found we had something in common.  She mentioned that she always bought her cigarettes by the pack too because she always believed that tomorrow would finally be the day she quit.  We rolled the same dice.  Her luck ran out.  We both quit smoking.  Sadly, with entirely different outcomes.

Why not stay off of the above list altogether and increase your odds of dying of natural causes at a ripe old age? Why continue your slow suicide via smoke's hundreds of toxins and accept 50 percent odds of losing roughly 5,000 sunrises?

If the world's dirtiest drug delivery device kills you, should your family consider your death to be murder or an accident? You may want to try to explain it to them now.  It might help take the sting out of their coming belief that you loved nicotine more than them.

According to the World Health Organization, each and every day smoking claims more than thirteen thousand lives.  Which cigarette in which pack contains the toxin that gives birth to that first cancerous cell, to the first diseased cell, or that pulls death's trigger in producing a massive heart attack or stroke?

It isn't that we can't hear the entire world screaming the insanity of us smoking pack after pack. It's that our addicted limbic mind is screaming even louder that smoking nicotine is as important as eating, with quitting akin to starvation.

Nicotine addiction is a disease and "wanting" disorder of the mind that's as permanent as alcoholism and enslaves the same dopamine pathways as illegal drugs. The below two free e-books will make you more dependency recovery savvy and than your addiction is strong. Knowledge isn't just power. It's a quitting method.

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