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Fame Struck Down By Nicotine Dependency

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If tobacco kills famous people before age 60, then why can't it kill us too?

Bill Hicks (YB), 32, comedian: pancreatic cancer

Lorraine Hansberry, 34, playwright (Raisin in the Sun): pancreatic cancer

Luiz Jose Costa, 36, Brazilian music star: lung cancer

Carrie Hamilton, 38, actress, Carol Burnett's daughter: lung cancer

Wilhelmina Cooper, 40, modeling pioneer: lung cancer

Patty Donahue, 40, singer "I know what boys like": lung cancer

Eric Carr, 41, musician (Kiss drummer): heart and lung cancer

Carolina Knapp, 42, author (Pack of Two/The Hunger): lung cancer

Judy Holliday, 43, actress: throat cancer

Chris "Punch" Andrews, 43, Canadian radio DJ: lung cancer

Nat "King" Cole, 45, singer: lung cancer

John Cipollina, 45, guitarist: emphysema

Nancy Gore Hunger, 46, sister of V.P. Al Gore: lung cancer

Lon Chaney, 47, actor/director: lung cancer

Graham Chapman 48 comic ("Monty Python"): throat cancer

Mary Wells, 49, singer ("My Guy"): larynx cancer

Jack Cassidy, 50, actor: died in a fire from smoking in bed

Errol Flynn, 50, actor: heart attack

Jim Varney, 50, comedian (Ernest): lung cancer

Roger Maris, 51, baseball player (N.Y. Yankees): lung cancer

Wayne McLaren, 51, "Marlboro Cowboy": lung cancer

Robert Shaw, 51, actor (Jaws): heart attack

Rod Serling, 51, director (Twilight Zone) heavy smoker: heart disease

Carl Wilson, 51, musician (Beach Boys): lung cancer

Lloyd Haynes, 52, TV actor (General Hospital): lung cancer

Eddie Kendrick, 52, singer (Temptations): lung cancer

Roy Orbison, 52, singer ("Pretty Woman"): heart attack

Kidd Kraddick, 53, national morning radio host: heart attack

Terrie Hall, 53, Amercia's most famous ex-smoker: brain cancer

Captain Phil Harris, 53, "Deadliest Catch" crab boat skipper: stroke

Jimmy Dorsey, 53, musician, band leader: lung cancer

Jerry Garcia, 53, musician (Grateful Dead): heart attack

Lindley ("Spike") Jones, 53, band leader: emphysema

Babe Ruth, 53, baseball player: oral cancer

William Talman, 53, actor (Perry Mason's adversary): lung cancer

Jack Wild, 53, actor (Artful Dodger in Oliver): mouth cancer

Tony Gwynn, 54, Hall of Fame Padres baseball player: oral cancer

Mark Belanger, 54, baseball shortstop Orioles: lung cancer

Michael Landon, 54, actor - heavy smoker: pancreas and liver cancer

Robert Palmer, 54, singer/songwriter - heavy smoker: heart attack

Larry Gilbert, 55, PGA golfer: lung cancer

Susan Hayward, 55, actress: lung cancer

Lee Remick, 55, actress: lung and liver cancer

Ian Fleming, 56, James Bond creator: heart attack

King George VI, 56, Father of Queen Elizabeth II: lung cancer

Betty Grable, 56, "pin-up" girl, actress: lung cancer

Doug McLure, 56, TV actor (The Virginian): lung cancer

Roger Miller, 56, singer/songwriter: lung/throat cancer

Eddie Rabbitt, 56, singer/song writer: lung cancer

Patrick Swayze, 57, actor ("Dirty Dancing" "Ghost"): pancreatic cancer

Patrick Swayze, 57, Smoker, Dead

Patrick Swayze, Smoker, Dead at 57>
Patrick Swayze, star of "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" died on September 14, 2009, after a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. According to Johns Hopkins University's Pancreatic Cancer Research Center, "cigarette smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer ... associated with a 2-3 fold increased risk." A heavy smoker, Patrick openly admitted his belief that smoking "probably" contributed to his cancer. But even after being diagnosed he continued smoking, with each puff adding additional nicotine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which promote pancreatic cancer. If smoking robbed us of Patrick, why can't it rob us of you?

Humphrey Bogart, 57, actor ("Casablanca"): esophagus cancer

Wolfman Jack, 57, music disk jockey: heart attack

Edward R. Murrow, 57, reporter: lung cancer

Will Thornbury, 57, modeled for Camel TV ads: lung cancer

George Harrison, 58, musician (The Beatles): lung cancer

R.J. Reynolds, 58, tobacco company founder: emphysema

R.J. Reynolds, III, 59, tobacco company heir: emphysema

Clark Gable, 59, actor ("Gone With The Wind"): heart attack

Anne Ramsey, 59, actress (Goonies - Mama Fratelli): throat cancer

Non-famous young victims

Noni 32 Bryan 33 Kim 44 Quentin 23 Deborah 38 Gruen 38

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