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Joel's Videos Indexed by Topic

Joel's Videos

We have a number of tools for locating and using Joel's videos. Here, Joel's more than 400 stop smoking videos are indexed under the following 12 topics, giving each topic its own page. We also have one rather large page (76K) listing "All of Joel's Stop Smoking Videos by Topic.

Video Topics

Use Costs Addiction Quitting Methods Rationalizations How to Quit Recovery Pitfalls Symptoms Prevent Relapse Helping Others Support Groups Joel's Work

Alphabeticl Index

The collection is also available as an alphabetical A to Z index. Each video is featured on its own page, together with related articles and links to related videos.

Smokers & New Quitters

If still smoking or within the first few days of quitting, take a quick look at Joel's Daily Quitting Lesson Guide or his YouTube Featured Playlists. They present videos appropriate for each day of quitting.

MP3 & High Resoluton Videos

Videos made prior to December 2007 are available in MP3 and high resolution formats.

MP3 Audio Files

Thanks to David Kink, since 2009 Joel's original 64 videos have been available as 11 hours of MP3 audio files that can be listened to anywhere. The audio MP3s are downloaded as a 264MB zipped file that you need to download, unzip and load to your MP3 player.

In 2017 Brian Murry provided us with this larger, higher audio quality copy of the above MP3file, in which he reduced low hissing sounds, hums and squelch. Download Brian's 330MB zipped MP3 file.

Joel's Jukebox

Joel's Jukebox

Joel's Jukebox is an extremly fast online MP3 audio player that allows for easy listening of Joel's audio stop smoking lessons. Our thanks to HWC for building this page.

Never Take Another Puff

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