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Videos Specific to Cold Turkey Support Groups

YouTube Video Title
Videos Specific to Cold Turkey Support Groups (Freedom & Turkeyville)
Are you ready for Freedom?12:0701/19/11
Why Freedom is a cold turkey site09:1001/08/11
"Members of your site seem too happy"01:4001/07/16
Teaching of conventional wisdom08:4508/29/12
Why Freedom discourages "buddy systems"05:0701/06/11
Have you hugged a relapser today?03:5804/07/16
"Please hold me accountable so I can quit smoking"02:0310/12/18
Euphemisms that we discourage at Turkeyville and Freedom06:3109/05/12
Reading at other quit sites04:0109/13/12
The Freedom from Nicotine Support Board05:2308/15/14
No need to apologize for not posting for a while04:0806/28/14
Sharing our materials at other quit sites03:3609/13/12
E-cig discussions at Freedom05:2109/13/13
E-cig users having a harder time quitting08:2302/01/16
New Year's message for newer members and readers10:3212/31/10
New Year's message for longer term members03:5112/31/10
Freedom's Quarterly Stats03:4012/30/10

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