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Common Pitfalls Videos

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Common Recovery Pitfalls
Setting quit dates10:5308/30/12
Smokers DON'T have to quit multiple times before successful03:2604/01/16
Crutches to quit smoking16:4711/27/11
The pitfalls of forming a buddy system10:2304/08/16
Danger of using Internet quit sites as a quitting crutch05:2302/15/15
Incorporating exercise after quitting03:5409/21/12
"Should I find a quit smoking buddy?"07:4601/06/11
Quitting for others05:4611/05/11
Make sure your quit is not contingent on others02:3803/17/15
Quitting smoking out of fear02:3607/29/14
"Wish me luck in quitting smoking"05:1803/06/16
"My support group is responsible"03:3707/12/14
The importance of quitting for yourself03:5803/07/14
Carrying cigarettes06:3910/17/06
"What should I do with my leftover cigarettes?"04:5309/12/14
Carrying mock cigarettes (straw/nicotine-free e-cig)04:5802/26/14
Keeping replacement nicotine in case of emergency05:3106/23/13
"What bad habit should I replace it with?"05:0410/02/06
Do whatever it takes to quit smoking01:2801/28/16
"I want one!"05:3310/18/06
Just think of something else?01:5909/12/12
Smoking a cigarette will help me secure my quit03:2902/26/14
"I've got my smoking under control"06:0110/06/12
"I gave up smoking"02:0510/10/12
"I don't have a choice, I have to quit smoking"06:2905/15/14
"I'm trying to quit smoking"03:0006/11/13
"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette"03:5510/10/12
Offers for cigarettes06:3408/03/12
Well meaning offers for cigarettes07:0709/09/14
"Please don't quit using"04:2903/31/16
Finding cigarettes 05:1708/03/12
Talking to others about not smoking15:1311/19/06
"I know I will quit smoking!"06:3009/29/06
Getting colds and flus after quitting09:5111/18/06
Is there such a thing as the "quitters flu?06:5910/22/14
Avoiding situations where you used to smoke12:3911/29/06
Cigars and relapsing06:5105/26/13
Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit17:4211/12/06
Hey, I'm talking to you04:0304/13/16

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