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Relapse Prevention Videos

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Relapse Prevention and Complacency
Never Take Another Puff04:2310/12/12
Curiosity killed the quit03:1005/26/16
Are your odds improved next time you quit smoking?02:3206/11/18
How long does it take to become re-addicted to nicotine?02:1903/15/18
"If I go back to smoking, I’ll just quit again"04:23 02/27/18
The smell of relapse 01:3002/19/18
Is your nicotine-free e- cig actually nicotine free?02:5409/28/16
Are you smart enough for an IQ pin?02:4707/26/14
Good reasons to take puff after having quit smoking01:2507/13/14
Fear of relapsing03:2207/19/14
There is no legitimate reason to relapse06:4606/23/13
Fixating on a cigarette02:5602/26/14
The urge hits02:1907/23/14
Frequency and duration of thoughts and urges05:5703/22/16
Longer-term quitters who say they are still having bad days08:0608/13/12
Intentional relapses02:2808/06/14
"It's inevitable, some smokers are going to relapse"03:4108/25/14
"You mean you haven't had a single puff?"02:2707/15/14
The smoker's vow (audio)01:2212/22/13
Words that translate to RELAPSE03:0307/16/14
Were you addicted?02:0002/11/14
Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine07:1006/21/13
"Boy, do I miss smoking" 05:3407/23/13
The fallacy of "good cigarettes"03:4802/26/14
"I'm mad that I can't smoke anymore!"08:0110/02/12
"Will I eventually dislike the smell of cigarette smoke?"03:1404/10/17
If this is your first time quitting01:3919/10/12
Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process?13:1411/29/11
Come share your strength & recognize vulnerabilities04:3606/20/14
Can second hand smoke cause relapse?09:5008/28/12
Neither side is perfect02:2310/01/12
"Got through New Years! Boy, I deserve a cigarette!"06:3201/01/12
Terrible 3s 07:5210/15/11
Short funny story04:0510/14/11
Thoughts that seem worse than when first quitting04:5807/11/14
Change of season triggers: the Spring09:2908/31/12
Change of season triggers: the Summer11:0207/04/13
Change of season triggers: the Fall04:2209/21/12
Be prepared for holiday triggers11:0211/24/11
Holidays that result in 3 day weekends09:2808/31/12
Election day: an important choice today02:0811/06/12
Life goes on without smoking04:1601/10/16
Watching others smoke09:3310/13/11
"Miracle" aids for quitting smoking06:2107/05/14
Who wants to go back to smoking? 07:0509/28/06
"I don't feel any better since I quit smoking!"08:3909/28/06
"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it"10:2411/08/06
"I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking"08:2310/18/06
What is your quit smoking mantra?12:4711/17/06
Quitting smoking is an option04:4908/05/14
"You got this"02:4803/11/17
For former smokers not celebrating a major milestone today00:3503/04/16
"If I relapse I'll smoke until it kills me"05:1102/25/07
"I went back to smoking while hospitalized with pneumonia"03:4802/13/14
Longer-term quitters having "Bad Days"08:3611/27/06
An important choice must be made today02:0611/06/12
Lost long term quits04:3706/17/14
Is relapsing on nicotine a good learning experience?02:5710/29/14
Relapses are not determined by how you quit smoking02:0904/21/15
A thirty year success story02:3508/22/14
"I know too much about smoking to ever relapse"04:3401/04/16
"I hate smoking. I could ever go back."02:2005/22/18
"I will control my smoking now"02:3701/15/15
"I am going back to smoking when I'm eighty"03:4703/13/17
"I only think about smoking after getting your stupid letters"08:2212/28/10
"I've relapsed and I hate it"02:1303/23/16
You have relapsed--now what? 03:5604/16/18
Help! It’s an emergency. I relapsed!02:1504/21/18

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Never Take Another Puff

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