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A thirty year success story

Related commentary from the Freedom from Nicotine board written August 21, 1014:

I got an email from another one of my clinic panelists who I have not heard from in probably over 14 years. He was just writing me to tell me that today was his 30th anniversary since having quit smoking.

If I remember correctly, Barry was a four pack a day smoker. His entire group was watching him from day one believing that he was going to either crack or experience the worst withdrawal of any one in his group. His experience was quite a bit different though–he simply said to a member of his family that he was quitting smoking and asked him to clear out all of his ashtrays, which I believe he had over 40 strewn throughout the house.

He proceeded to quit and experienced minimal side effects. He shocked everyone who knew him. It fits under the concepts covered in the video Amount smoked.

So just taking this opportunity to say congratulations to Barry for being smoke free for 30 years.

The way for all of our current members and readers to accomplish the same goal is still by a day at a time sticking to your own personal commitment to never take another puff.


Additional commentary written the next day, August 22, 2014.

I just had a short phone conversation with Barry. I needed to fact check something I had written–about him having over 40 ashtrays throughout the house. The actual count was 52.

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