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How long does it take to become re-addicted to nicotine?

Video explores the question that some former smokers find themselves asking of how long it could take them to get re-addicted to nicotine after they have been off smoking for a long length of time.

Question: How long does it take to become re-addicted to nicotine?

Answer: There is no answer, it was a trick question. You never got unaddicted.

The question should have been how long does it take to relapse? The answer to this is how long does it take you to secure a cigarette, strike a match or lighter and take a puff? It can happen in an instant if you ever drop your guard.

So how long does it take to secure your quit? It only takes a few seconds, the time that it should take for you to just remind yourself as to why you committed to never take another puff!


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