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About my work and materials
My work in the field of smoking prevention & cessation05:1907/31/14
How I started running quit smoking clinics10:3209/28/06
My goals for the resources I produce to help people to quit02:1103/19/15
How do you remember so many details?04:2709/04/14
"What did they do to you to make you quit smoking?"05:5208/11/14
Why I no longer conduct stop smoking clinics05:4307/30/14
Why my resources are free05:0908/06/12
"Is Joel a smoking cessation expert?"15:2703/30/12
"Joel, you never smoked or quit, how can you know?"06:1007/03/13
Where is Joel?04:1103/01/12
Comments made to Joel's YouTube channel06:3904/13/12
Two hundred thousandth video view on YouTube05:3409/25/12
New Years 2018 channel update02:1101/04/18
My YouTube outreach efforts10:5001/20/18
New stop smoking materials and resources04:5712/30/12
"You should retitle that video"03:3701/06/18

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