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How to Stop Smoking Videos

How to Stop
How to quit smoking13:4709/15/12
The Law of Addiction04:5904/16/15
How to help kids stop vaping04:0211/18/18
A 99.9% commitment to quit smoking will fail01:2302/03/18
Origin of the concepts for the Law of Addiction11:1908/06/12
Quitting smoking is a simple process01:3204/07/15
How quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bicycle02:2003/12/15
A 100% guaranteed way to successfully quit smoking00:2502/25/15
Treat quitting smoking as if you are fighting for your life00:2402/24/15
Are you stronger than your cigarettes?02:4107/27/14
Cold turkey quitting05:0412/26/12
Gallup Poll: most quitters credit cold turkey06:3508/08/13
One day at a time03:4508/15/12
The importance of the first three days of your quit02:3402/02/19
"I will not smoke today"03:4903/01/16
Make a list of why you want to quit smoking06:0911/22/06
Quitting often results in healthier looking skin03:5309/27/12
Smoking triggers07:4308/09/12
Using deep breathing as a safe and effective quitting aid 02:1103/20/18
Going to places where you can't smoke when first quitting02:5303/16/15
Using cigarettes as rewards [corrective thinking]04:1602/06/14
Avoid blood sugar symptoms05:3109/28/06
Why I recommend cranberry juice when first quitting03:3603/13/15
Possible changes in caffeine tolerance05:1109/24/12
Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol?03:2707/01/13
If you quit smoking with a lousy attitude...01:37 05/17/14
Be proud that you quit smoking03:13 09/13/14
Acknowledge the negative, dwell on the positive13:09 08/27/12
Telling others that you have quit smoking08:5710/17/06
"When did I actually quit smoking?"03:5908/11/16
Is your New Year's resolution to quit smoking?03:37 12/27/14
2018 New Year's video03:20 12/31/17

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