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Use Rationalizations
"I can't afford to quit smoking"02:3903/08/17
"Why should I quit, I could just get run over by a truck?"01:45 02/20/18
Are you questioning your New Year's resolution to quit?04:4501/01/17
Keeping cigarettes to deal with stress04:1707/02/14
"One or two cigarettes is better than two or three packs"03:5912/08/17
Why smoking does not help you overcome stress07:4506/23/14
Resources explaining nicotine and stress interaction02:1707/02/14
Actions speak louder than words or thoughts03:2812/26/13
"How can I quit if I live with a smoker?"05:3502/22/16
Quitting smoking: a fate worse than death08:5312/13/13
Pakistan video based on My cigarette, my friend?03:1007/04/15
My cigarette, my friend? (audio)03:2212/20/13
"That's amazing that you didn't smoke"02:4202/18/16
"You will never make it, here have a cigarette"03:3601/22/16
How would you deal with the following situations?04:3507/17/14
Smoking is easier than not smoking04:1403/28/14
Dying for a cigarette01:0802/12/14
"But smoking is the only vice I have left"03:1802/10/14
"So I can't run marathons"05:2212/21/13
"I know I will quit again"03:4009/20/12
Fears regarding smoking and quitting03:2012/11/17
Fear of failure03:5007/19/14
Fear of success03:0407/19/14
Fear of quitting smoking11:0811/11/06
What is nicotine withdrawal really like?06:4708/29/12
Joel's Halloween Fearfest05:3910/31/14
Everything you did as a smoker can be done as an ex-smoker02:5605/02/14
"I will quit when ..."05:4408/06/11
"I will quit when I finish this pack"04:1004/12/15
"Is this an unlucky day to quit smoking?"01:4706/13/14
"I don't want to quit smoking"17:40 10/11/06
Do you need to want to quit more than you want to smoke?03:00 03/18/15
"I smoke because I like smoking"09:4210/29/11
"I smoke because I'm self-destructive"03:0007/01/14
"I'm doing okay,I'm not buying cigarettes"08:4410/18/06
"I can't drink alcohol without a cigarette"03:4309/27/06
"It’s cold outside, boy do I need a cigarette"03:4801/01/18
"My smoking helps me to breathe better"04:2401/26/15
"A safer way to smoke?"09:3803/20/16
"I'm safe from smoking because of my genetics?"09:2411/24/06
Feeling "safer" because non-smokers get lung cancer too?02:4403/09/16
Lung cancer: Isn't there a cure just around the corner?03:1901/12/16
"I can't quit" or "I won't quit"? 22:1510/16/06
"I can't quit smoking because I'm addicted"09:0508/16/12
"I can't quit because ..."01:1902/20/16
"I can't quit because I am addicted"09:0408/16/12
Is quitting smoking harder than quitting other drugs?06:1712/30/17
"I'll have to use willpower for the rest of my life not to smoke"02:3006/27/14
"I'll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking"10:30 11/29/06
"I have to smoke when I talk on the phone"07:3009/27/06
"I'll never be as productive again if I quit smoking"08:01 11/24/06
Using to self medicate pre-existing conditions06:0208/29/11
Amount smoked08:5008/04/12
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking!"13:0511/28/06
"After I lose weight I will quit smoking"04:4207/24/14
"I've heard women don't have much of a chance at success"03:1301/13/16
"I'm not joining this clinic"12:3309/27/06
Waiting to bottom out05:1809/07/12
"What's the use in quitting now?"05:5803/13/16
"After reading about smoking's dangers I've concluded ..."04:0605/08/15
Quitting is more doable than most people think01:4309/09/12
Quitting in a smoking friendly society04:5202/19/16
Some people won't be happy until they relapse...00:3002/23/15
"Oops, I had a false start"02:3105/24/16
"Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only human"02:1205/17/16

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