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"I'll never be as productive again if I quit smoking"

Video discusses the fear that people have that the will lose their ability to be to do their jobs, be as creative or work as efficiently in their homes without the aid that cigarettes gave them in helping them to think clearly and focus on projects at hand.

Smoking breaks

It is amazing what the logic of a smoker is in regarding these little breaks. It starts with a smoker popping into drug withdrawal, breaking his or her train of thought or physical stride, and then saying or thinking to himself or herself, "Oh, I think I need a break, I better go get a cigarette."

What you will soon realize after quitting is that you will all of a sudden start projects and then follow them through to completion without taking these breaks. You will generally get them done significantly faster and more accurately for you won't have those constant breaks distracting you from the projects. Soon you will realize the truth of what smoking was doing to you time wise all those years.

It was never that you were needing a break and thus going for cigarettes. It was that you were NEEDING cigarettes and then having to take breaks. The week you quit your efficiency may suffer, but you will make up for that lost time in a matter of days, and soon you will find yourself a more efficient person for the rest of your life.

To keep this newfound efficiency, as well as all of the other benefits of no longer being controlled by cigarettes is as simple as always remembering now to never take another puff!


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