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Smoking's Costs Videos

YouTube Video Title
Smoking's Costs
The costs of smoking03:1312/13/13
Quitting smoking should cost you nothing00:5002/05/18
Smoking benefits03:3909/20/12
"Because now it really hurts!"04:5402/07/14
"Thank goodness it's only cigarette smoking!"06:5107/06/18
"It's only smoking, not a crime punishable by death"04:5401/20/16
The real cigarette induced "roller coaster" ride04:3504/09/15
Money wasted on cigarettes06:0310/18/06
Smoke breaks03:5111/06/14
It's still cold outside-- why it's a bigger problem for smokers04:0101/02/18
"I'll smoke anywhere I want!"08:4412/28/10
"I am the only smoker I know"05:0105/06/15
Closet smokers05:4508/16/12
Introduction to the "The isolation of the widowed smoker"01:3808/07/14
Introduction to "The Fan Letter"03:0208/08/14
The Palmolive bottle demonstration 07:45 10/11/06
Learning how to inhale04:3810/02/06
"I don't want to see any scary pictures"09:4308/24/12
The use of scare tactics02:4903/11/16
Heart and circulatory diseases19:1811/03/06
Lung cancer18:4811/05/06
Finding out you have lung cancer after you quit smoking34:5003/01/12
See how smoking destroys the lungs03:5912/28/10
Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysema08:4710/30/11
Smokers who face even higher risks from smoking03:5703/29/16
Does smoking cause my headaches?08:3912/28/10
Kids just don't get it11:4708/07/11
Premature deaths caused by smoking12:3311/06/06
Update to video "Premature deaths caused by smoking"04:1202/12/15
Is quitting the hardest thing you've ever done?04:2506/12/14
Life as a smoker is a balancing act01:0003/11/15
Quitting can make you calmer, happier & healthier03:3702/28/14

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