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Discussion, comments and links related to Joel Spitzer's cold turkey quit smoking videos

Quitting smoking can make you
calmer, happier and healthier

Video introduction to our numerous resources explaining that quitting smoking doesn’t only help people to get healthier, but also calmer and happier. Below are links to the resources we have made available explaining why former smokers do experience major benefits to their mental health.

“I’ll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking” - Video explores the fear that people have that they will become much more nervous when they quit smoking, and likely be more nervous the rest of their lives if they stay free. Despite these fears, most people become calmer as former smokers than they were when actually smoking. The video explains why this is usually the case.

“I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking” - Video discusses how recent quitters often erroneously blame normal stress and anxiety reactions to external circumstances on the fact that they had quit smoking.

The fear of quitting smoking - Video discusses two major fears people face when first considering quitting. First, the fear that they are not strong enough to succeed. The second and often the more intimidating is the fear that the person may actually quit smoking

“I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking” - Video discusses how nicotine addiction causes cigarettes and nicotine products to incorporate into almost every aspect of a smoker’s life. Section starting at the 12 minutes and 49 second mark explains the physiological interaction between smoking and increased stress reactions in smokers.

Understanding the emotional loss experienced when quitting smoking - Video discusses the emotional stages of loss many people encounter when first quitting smoking.

Resources regarding mental health issues - Video discusses how most people experience minor emotional reactions when first quitting, but also how people with pre-existing mental health issues may need physician assistance in dealing with problems that seem to be exacerbated after quitting.

Using cigarettes to self medicate pre-existing conditions - Some people find out that there smoking was treating, or actually more often, masking other pre-existing conditions. Sometimes they feel that this usage justifies smoking in their cases. This video addresses the issue of whether or not it is a good idea to use cigarettes to treat pre-existing conditions.

Medication adjustments that may be necessary after quitting smoking - Video discusses how many medications that were prescribed to people while they were still smoking may need to be adjusted after they quit.

Going back to normal after quitting - Video discusses how after quitting smoking a person will eventually get back to normal. Normal does not mean going back to the normal they experienced when they were smoking but more accurately, what they were like before they ever took up smoking with effects of aging now thrown in.

All of the above videos have links in their descriptions to articles with related information.

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